How to make box mock-up in Photoshop?

Creating a packaging box for your business and one that will soon become the identity of your brand can be something that you will need expert advice on. Choosing something that looks good and serves an equally great function can be a harder choice than one thinks. Starting a business, the first thought is to create good products for your customers and the second thing that comes to mind is creating a packaging box for it. If you think about the most famous brands and companies out there, you will automatically recognize them by their packaging and that is because packaging plays an important role in identifying and representing your brand. Not only that if your brand is not famous enough, one way to get it down that road is by creating attractive custom packaging that will play a role in alluring more customers in and eventually having them buy your products. 

Mapping out your plans

When you plan on getting something done in the most accurate manner, getting impulsive is the last thing that you should do. Planning and mapping out whatever you want to be done are sure to give you more of a success rate. Similarly, when it comes to the designing of your packaging boxes, you need a solid plan that you can map out and then invest. Creating packaging boxes can be a little expensive so you don’t want to be wasting your money on something that you won’t be satisfied with later so one way to tackle that problem is by creating box mock-ups. There is a lot of software that you can create box mock-ups on but one of the most convenient and easy to use is Adobe Photoshop.

What are box mock-ups?

The purpose of mock-ups is to design and play around with different styles, fonts, colour grading, and decoration of your boxes before they are created. You can create a box mock-up of whatever style you want, you can choose different shapes and sizes on your mock-ups on Photoshop until you are satisfied with the finished product. This results in a success rate of you being satisfied with your packaging boxes once they are created according to your photo shopped mock-up. The point of creating a mock-up is to figure out what layout you would like your packaging boxes to be in. Creating a 3D image of your boxes will give you an idea of what will look best on your packaging boxes. What layouts to choose, what fonts to make your logo in, what colours will look best and overall the whole style and creation of your box mock-up are necessary. Later you can show that box mock-up created in Photoshop to your packaging company’s manufacturer and they will create a packaging box for you in the same way.

Why are box mock-ups necessary?

Box mock-ups are draft designs for your packaging boxes. They will give you an idea of what you are investing in. Without blindly trusting a company, you can get a box mock-up created in Photoshop that will guide your packaging vendor in creating for you your completely idealized packaging box. The good thing about this is the fact that you can experiment without having to regret wasting any money. With the free software and photo shop, you can add new designs and try out new styles to create something you would like and make packaging boxes that will later represent your company. Companies will work actively in following your photo shopped mock-up and bringing it to reality. The static image you create of your mock-up will also show the shape, style and dimensions of your packaging boxes. This will help give your packaging company an idea of exactly what you need to be done on your boxes.

Starting Photoshop

If you plan on creating a box mock-up of your own on Photoshop then you are in luck because nowadays there are thousands and thousands of tutorials on how to create a box mock-up that you can easily find on YouTube and follow the instructions to create for yourself the perfect box mock-up of your choice. And if you don’t want to do this on your own you can always take help from a professional who creates box mock-ups and you can give him the ideas that you want. Other than that, there are a lot of mock-ups already available that you can avail of on the internet and stick with something that you like and that you think will go nicely with your products. So without wasting any time and money, go create your packaging mock-up and then invest in a packaging company that will bring that mock-up into a reality and have you satisfied as well as your customers.


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