How to make money in forex without actually trading: best methods?


Experienced traders who are perfectly versed in trading on financial exchanges face difficulties while working on forex. The nature of trading can change at any moment, which will have a huge impact on the chances of making a profit. Investors whose work schedule doesn’t allow them to follow every change in the schedule may wonder how to make money in forex without actually trading? There are several simple ways to make transactions without your active participation.

Partner programs

Platforms are one of the best ways to generate passive income. Brokers transfer small amounts to their partners who increase traffic to the service. The model is ideal for site owners or well-known bloggers who have a large solvent target audience.

You don’t need to understand financial transactions or trade on the forex market. Bonuses (commissions) for referrals will be transferred to your account. The principle of the affiliate program is as follows:

  • You choose a broker;
  • Register at the office;
  • Get an active link for subscribers;
  • Post it on your Internet page.

When a potential client clicks on the link, they will go to the broker’s website. Then it remains to register, activate an account and deposit the necessary amount. When these steps are completed, you will receive a percentage for a new user.

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Forex offers several types of affiliate programs. The first one resembles a classic marketing ploy, when you place a link on a site and get bonuses for referrals. In some cases, payments are made after the platform visitor makes the first or second transaction.

The second method involves the use of special programs, sales funnels or other sites. In this case, the compensation is much higher, as well as the time spent on the formation of a new target audience.

Copy trading

An equally interesting way to make money on Forex is copying trades of more experienced investors. Copy trading is suitable for beginners who want to make money but do not yet have enough experience to trade on their own. You will notice that the risks will be much less, and the earnings will increase.

The principle here is as follows: you choose a strategy that traders use and apply it for buying/selling. Professionals choose working algorithms and make a profit, respectively, the amount on your account will also increase.

You don’t need to spend time learning to invest, all the information will be studied in the course of transactions. The main thing is not to make mistakes. In this case, you will completely empty your account and be left with nothing. Over time, you will learn to analyze the situation on the market and will be able to make profitable trades on your own.


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