How to Make Your Prescription Experience Less Stressful


Getting a prescription, especially when you’re bedridden and unable to travel, can be a challenging experience. Not to forget the long waiting queues and the additional stress you might add to your unwell body. 

However, what if we told you that getting a prescription can be way more effortless?

Thanks to programs like ‘Instant Consultant,’ you can now get prescriptions and manage your health more simplified and hassle-freely. So, continue reading as we walk you through the different aspects of obtaining online doctor medical certificates.

Fast Online Medical Certificates Via Instant Consult: The Process Simplified

Connecting to a GP is a conveniently simple process via professionals at Instant Consult. Once you sign up with such services, you’re connected to general physicians without any delay. 

Following this, obtaining the necessary paperwork and guidance becomes more accessible without spending a fortune on getting any particular appointment.

Steps To Obtain Online Doctor Medical Certificates

Once done with your consultation session, you’ll receive an online medical certificate in your ‘Instant Consult‘ mailbox. However, you could also receive this prescription via email or store it on your device to transmit it to some other form later. 

Besides, until you delete it, the medical certificate stays in your Instant Consult mailbox.

However, it should be noted that the doctors available across such platforms don’t backdate the certificates. Such consultations aren’t suggested if you’re looking for:

  • ‘Fit for Work‘ Medical Clearance Certificate
  • Work Cover Certificate
  • Centrelink Certificate
  • University Form
  • Gym Cancellation Certificate

This is primarily because such certifications require a physical examination, which cannot be done via video consultation. However, using such online consultation services is ideal if you need a medical certificate from a doctor who doesn’t need to check you physically. 

Other Services That You Could Avail Under Online Medical Certificates

The medical professionals that provide consultations via Instant Consult are entirely licensed under the ACCRM and RACGP, the highest credentials a general practitioner (GP) can get. As a result, they can help you with other medical recommendations, radiology and pathology certifications, and other expert referrals.

By accessing online doctor medical certificates from a GP via services like Instant Consult, you’re bound to get the best out of normal health problems. While, of course, things can get challenging in case of severe health risks, such as loss of consciousness, major blood loss, or breathing difficulties. An ER or a specialist should always meet such situations.

Why Are Instant Medical Services Better?

Finding a doctor at the convenience of your home can take time and effort. Only some doctors would be interested in a house visit. So this is where experts at facilities like Instant Consult can allow you to access such services at the convenience of your home

In addition, when going to a physical clinic, you will have to put some effort into the trip and be close to other patients. However, you’re in a much safer space when consulting doctors virtually. 


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