How to Manage Constipation in Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a wonderful phase of a woman’s life. However, constipation during pregnancy is something that creates a lot of misery. It causes the stomach to become bloated, gassy and clogged up. Usually, a pregnant woman starts feeling the stress of constipation as early as the levels of progesterone rise. Around the second or third month of the pregnancy, the situation starts worsening.

If you are worried about How to manage constipation in pregnancy, we are there to answer.

In this blog, you’ll come to know about the pro tips for the management of constipation during pregnancy.

What leads to constipation during pregnancy?

Constipation in pregnant women is a common phenomenon as it happens due to the hormonal imbalance in the body. The hormone that relaxes the intestinal muscle creates pressure and expands the uterus on the intestine. Again, the relaxation of the intestinal muscles causes waste and food to move slower through the system leads to constipation.

Now let’s start with the discussion about how to manage constipation in pregnancy. Treat pregnancy constipation by following some generic tips.

1. Include fiber in your diet

Including fiber-rich food in your daily diet will help in the elimination of waste. If you consume 25 to 35 grams every day, it will surely beat out the chances of waste retention. Eating plenty of whole-grain cereals, legumes, fresh fruits, and veggies will yield good results. They have the packs of an important laxative effect. Even the addition of the Bran or psyllium to the diet will foster the addition of the essential nutrients for absorption.

2. Drink more fluids

When you take 8 to 10 ounces of fluids every day, it will keep the solids moving through the digestive tract and make your stool soft. Including water, fruit juice, vegetables, and broth in your daily diet will make the stool soft and easy to pass.

You can also turn to involve warm liquids that will soothe the intestinal muscles. When you drink the lemon and hot water combination, it will stimulate the peristalsis thus helping to relax your muscles.

3. Regular physical exercises

When you are active there is a chance of the flexible stool moments for the intestine with the approval of the doctor you should involve regular exercise it can help relieve the constipation issues in case you find that exercising isn’t a possibility of priority you can involve a gentle walk or yoga in your daily routine. It’s recommended to do pelvic floor exercises that will keep the body regular and in good condition.

4. Flush out the toxins in time

Regularly holding your urine and bowels will weaken the muscles that control the uterus and the intestine. When you keep holding it for a longer span, it leads to tremendous conditions of constipation. Moreover, not urinating or flushing out in time will lead to the absorption of the toxins in the body. Whenever you feel that is the time to flush out the toxins, do so immediately without failure.

5. Probiotics and medicated solutions

Millions of healthy bacteria reside in the gut area of the digestive system and favor the healthy functioning of the intestine. Involving probiotics will help repopulate the gut bacteria due to the availability of the healthy strain. Overall, it will create encouragement in regular and normal bowel movements. You can consume food that has high probiotics like yogurt and kimchi.  Sometimes, the doctor recommended medications that will comply with your health conditions will also serve the objective.

6. Stop consuming refined food

When you are pregnant and facing the regular issues of constipation, it’s best to start avoidance of consuming refined grains. Some foods that contain refined grains are white bread, refined cereals, white rice, and pasta.

7. Refrain from consuming big meals

Big meals are the major reasons for overtaxing your digestive tract. It will, in turn, lead to many complications in the long run. You should eat six mini-meals a day rather than taking the three large ones, namely, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This practice will reduce the chances of gas and bloating.

8. Pay attention to using the right supplements

Some supplements and medications will help to relax the pregnant body. Sometimes taking prenatal vitamins, calcium, and iron supplements can also trigger constipation. So, if you think that these elements are the major causes of the problem, it’s worth contacting your health practitioner about the alternatives. He or she will make the adjustments in the dosage or also give you supplements that will work for your body.

Talk to your health practitioner and find out if taking a magnesium supplement will do any good or not. Consuming the supplement will give relaxation to the muscles and lead to the attainment of a better night’s sleep. 

9. Stay in touch with your health practitioner

Sometimes, you may experience a surge in the stinging pain in your stomach muscles. If you face this issue regularly and the pain goes beyond control, it’s worth seeking help from your health practitioner. You should always keep in touch and state the issues to him/her.  Such conditions usually have a direct or indirect connection to constipation. However, to avoid related health issues, you must take the advice from the health practitioner, get a diagnosis of the cause, and manage constipation during pregnancy.

The involvement of healthy eating habits and regular exercise will deliver the speedy digestive system. It will also help in the prevention of constipation in pregnancy. More than taking artificial alternatives, you should start combining the natural ingredients that will fight against the chances of constipation. Besides, following a healthy and stress-free lifestyle gives you benefits in the long run.


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