How to match your earrings with hairstyle


The ability to match your jewellery to your hair may make or break a clothing ensemble. Earrings are very effective at emphasising your face while also contrasting with your hair. It’s critical to make the appropriate combination in order to guarantee that the overall appearance is on spot.

So how can you pick the ideal earrings to go with both your clothes and your hairstyle?

There are other elements to take into consideration in addition to your facial shape and neck length when choosing earrings as an accessory.

Let’s get to it and examine some fundamental rules for matching your jewellery to your hairstyle!

Locks Let Down

Any jewellery you wear may be obscured if your hair is down. A pair of studs is the easiest option for daily wear. Select a pair of eye-catching gemstone studs that will stand out next to your hair, such as black onyx or pearls, to make it more striking.

If you have more than one ear piercing, you might layer these to make a minimalistic set of tiny and delicate studs. When you pair this with studs made of the same metal colours, like silver or gold, it looks fantastic. By matching the metal colours, your earrings will seem harmonious and won’t draw attention to your face or appear overly cluttered.

That is not to mean that you should limit your use of studs to occasions when your hair is down. Regardless of the type of hair, vibrant, colourful tasselled earrings look ladylike and elegant.

Just make sure your hair isn’t covering or obscuring the set of long earrings.

Chignon Hair style

A chignon is a hairstyle in which your hair is neatly pushed back, usually at the base of the neck or in a side bun. It’s the ideal hairdo for formal events. Delicate long-drop earrings are the best type of earrings to wear with a chignon.

The width of the drop earrings will draw attention to your shoulder and neckline, and the dramatic drop will counterbalance the chignon hairstyle’s classic appeal. You can choose a vibrant drop earring to pull your hair back and away from your face, thus giving your outfit a vibrant colour punch that is sure to catch people’s attention.

Haircut: Pixie

A short or pixie crop cut is be challenging to combine with your jewellery, much like the Chignon style. When your hair is trimmed shorter, earring cuffs and jackets look amazing along your ears. Due to the fact that your ear is probably visible the majority of the time, a statement ear cuff or crawler can offer a modern and trendy touch!

Keep in mind that the cuff’s shape is more significant than its pattern or colour scheme. The best option is to wear earrings cuffs in one colour, which give off a sophisticated eye-catching appearance without over-styling your ensemble. For a statement cuff earring, crystals and diamonds are the ideal choices since they give earring cuffs a feminine and beautiful appearance.

Updo or High Bun

There may be a lot of space between your ear and your shoulders when you put your hair up or in a high bun. You may definitely showcase a pair of classic earrings since your ears will be clearly seen.

Choose gold earrings with price online that appear stunning from all sides so that your clothing looks wonderful from front to rear. The ideal earrings are long, thin dangling ones.

Another wonderful option for this hairstyle are hoops, as the rear of the hoop will appear just as amazing as the front. One excellent option for this are diamond hoops.

Hoops can occasionally rest at an odd angle depending on how your ears were pierced. Make sure the hoop earrings are facing forward and not tilting to the side when you wear or try them on.

Finding the right balance between your hairstyle, facial shape, and earrings is the key to matching your earrings to your hairstyle. The easiest method to do this is to take into account the shape of your face before attempting to wear your earrings with various hairstyles. There may be hairstyles you would never have chosen for your face shape in the past, but the ideal earrings and hairstyle pairings can completely alter your appearance.

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