How To O Ring a Cummins Head to Handle High-Boost Pressures?

There are many ways of doing it. However, you should not attempt to perform any tasks unless you are fully aware of the pressure that is being used and what type of nozzle you will be using. When you learn how to o ring ahead to handle a high-boost hydraulic pump, you must first understand how this 5.9 Cummins Head Studs works. Then you must know which parts of the pump are working and why.


This system is made up of two different pumps, the high-bump, and low-bump hydraulic pump. The low-bump pump is also known as a counter-bump pump. This pump is typically found in industrial applications such as processing plants, mines, chemical plants, power plants, and oil rigs. The high-bump pump is usually referred to as a forward or side pumping system. This pump is generally utilized when higher pressure is needed.

How to O Ring Ahead to Handle High-Boost Hydraulic Pressures?

First, you will need to know how to prepare the bearing surfaces properly. To properly release the high-bump hydraulic pressure, you must apply enough pressure on the ring face. The ring face and the ring surface should be spotless and free of any debris. If not, the high-bump pressure will not be released and be contained within the casing.

Air Intake Kit

Next, you will want to make sure that your intake air intake kit matches the specifications of the high-bump hydraulic pressure. If your high-bump pressure requires a lower air intake kit than specified on the manufacturer’s site, the pressure will not be released by your high-bump hydraulic system. If you are unsure if the required air intake kit is adequate, it is recommended that you contact a professional high-bump hydraulic company for assistance in fine-tuning the system. They can make the appropriate adjustment.

If your question is, “How to o ring ahead to handle high-boost pressures?” the next step is to find out where you can locate the high-boost hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic cylinder is located in the same area as your high-bump ring. You should access this area by following the oil drain line from the oil pump to the bottom of your engine. This drain line is not only functional; it is also covered in factory paint.

High-Bump Hydraulic System

Once you have located your high-bump hydraulic system, you will need to remove it from the engine compartment. This is best accomplished with the help of a hydraulic fluid remover. This will require you to remove the oil cap and drain plug. After removing these components, you will notice that the oil supply pipework is exposed. With the aid of a high-bump wrench, you will then be able to access and remove the two bolts located on the top of the oil pan.

Hydraulic Lines

When you learn how to do ring ahead to handle high-boost pressures, you will need to access the hydraulic lines connected to each side of the oil pan. Once you have done this, you will notice that each line has a valve. The purpose of these valves is to control the oil pressure. By simply unscrewing each line, you will be able to lower the pressure controlled by this line. Once this is done, you will be able to lower the high-bump pressure.

Final Statement

The last step is to look at the bottom of your high-bump hydraulic system. If you can notice any damage to the bottom of your low-bump system, then this may have caused the low-bump pressure. This damage will most likely occur when you try to change the oil or replace a component on your vehicle. On occasion, the damage can occur even when there is no oil or other fluids involved. Once you learn how to do ring ahead to handle high-boost pressures, you will be able to lower and raise the pressure safely and quickly without having to call a professional mechanic to come out and do it for you.


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