How to survive a toxic workplace


Work is an important part of life. Some might love it, others might hate it, but everyone has got to do it –unless you are a trust fund baby, in which case hallelujah!

While by very nature, work is supposed to be challenging, but when the workplace it toxic, it is extremely difficult to deal with. One then not only has to contend with doing the work, but the environment itself also takes a great toll on the person.

If you are living in a toxic environment, your mental health also takes a great hit. It can cause you to suffer from stress, anxiety, and can even be traumatic as well. It might also merit the intervention of a Psychologist in Karachi even. Hence, learning how to recognize and survive in a toxic workplace is important.

Signs that your workplace is toxic

Signs of a toxic workplace that you should watch out for include:

  • Bullying
  • Bad management and especially boss
  • Deliberate sabotages
  • Gaslighting
  • Poor communication
  • Not being heard
  • Unfair treatment

Surviving in a toxic workplace

Boundaries are vital

Even if your workplace is not toxic, lack of proper boundaries will make things difficult for you. You are not someone’s door mat, and you are not there to clean up after people. Also, stay clear of office gossip, as if you are going to indulge in gossip, you will also then catch the brunt of it.

Moreover, you also have to give other people space. You must also respect other people’s privacy and boundaries.

Aim for moderation

If you are working all the time, especially if the workplace is toxic, things can get harder for you then. Lack of balance also has a greater negative impact on your mental health.

Hence, ensure a good work-life balance. Do not make your work the most important thing in your life. It is also vital that you spend quality time with your loved ones, so things get easier for you.

Differentiate between your friends and foes

While it is important to have friendship with your colleagues, as social connection is important, but learning to differentiate between who is your friend and who is a hypocrite masquerading as your friend is important.

When you find genuine friends at your workplace, it can make things more bearable for you. You can then support each other through the tough times.

Do not take everything personally

If the workplace is toxic, chances are you will encounter hurtful things. You will have to face undue critique, be bashed for things that you are not your fault, and similar issues. Learn to then distance yourself from such remarks. Do not take things personally.

Know you cannot control everything

If you start to fight for control over the circumstances and the situations, things are definitely going to get harder for you. So, do not try to control things that you have no agency over; you cannot dictate the work environment, you cannot dictate how people treat others, and so why waste your effort, breath, and emotions on it.

Shift your perspective

It is also important to have a shift in perspective on things. Take pressure off of yourself. You are not your job; you are a much more important than your work, which is a part of your life and not the purpose of your life.

Stay focused on what matters

It can be easy to be led off track by the taunts, the gossip mill, the pressure from the colleagues, but try to focus on your goals. Have a tunnel vision if you need to, ignoring peripheral nuisances and simply focusing on how to achieve your target.

Move upwards and onwards

If the system is not working out for you, then try to look for opportunities elsewhere. Do not get hung up on people and places. Work with a psychologist in improving your mental health, and a mentor or career counselor in improving your career skills, so you can quit the toxic workplace and leave for somewhere better.



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