How to Travel from Zurich Airport to Davos

If you’re going skiing over the holiday break, how about booking a ride from Zurich airport to Davos in just a few clicks? This article highlights the best options for getting from Zurich to Davos and gives instructions on finding and hiring a car rental service on your return.

Taxi from Zurich to Davos

It is possible to take a taxi from Zurich airport to Davos, but it is not very easy to flag one down there. This will prevent unnecessary hails and hopefully help you get going quickly and safely.

When to Book a Taxi from Zurich Airport to Davos

Zurich is located in Switzerland. It’s the country’s hub for connections to global business, logistics, finance, and culture. It’s also home to some of the most expensive real estate in Europe. Zurich airport is only two Km from Davos village at a cost of 1 euro ($1.17 USD). Taxis from Zurich airport to Davos cost between 16-18 Euros ($18-19 USD) for one person for a 10 km ride that should take about 40 minutes.

Where to Book a Taxi from Zurich Airport to Davos

Zurich Airport is located near the city of Zurich which is the largest city in Switzerland. Guests arriving at the airport can find a Taxi stand nearby. When travelling from Zurich Airport to Davos, passengers can book a taxi and be at their destination by taking a short ride.

What is the Best Way to Travel between Zürich and Davos?

Although it may seem like the best option would be Zurich to Davos via train, there are several other options. One way is to take a taxi from the airport to Zurich’s main train station and then take a train from there. Another option is to take a bus directly from Zürich Airport. There are plenty of public transportation options as well, but they are not recommended as they would be more expensive than taking Uber or even renting an automobile service.

How is the Zürich Airport compared with others in Europe?

With over 70 million passengers passing through it annually, the Zurich Airport is one of the busiest in Europe. It’s the prime international airport for Zurich in Switzerland and other nearby European cities such as Frankfurt, Geneva, Zürich-Kloten, Geneva-Cointrin, Milan and Turin. This efficient airport can process more than 1,000 aircraft movements every day with a total length of 29 km.

The Best Tip for Taking a Taxi Between Zürich Airport and Davos

The best way to take a trip from Zurich Airport to Davos is by taking a taxi. However, if you are an individual and travelling on business, you will be required to follow some safety procedures before the start of your journey. You should check with the authorities in your country about how to begin the 35 kilometre trip from Zurich Airport.


Switzerland’s capital, Zurich, is the world’s biggest city and has one of the most advanced airports in Europe. From here, travellers can reach a wide range of destinations with ease, but finding transportation from Zurich Airport to the mountain resort town of Davos requires more knowledge. When planning for a trip from Zurich Airport to Davos it is important to know several things about getting from Zurich Airport to Davos including what modes of transport are available in Davos itself, where there are some places you can stay on route and possible routes that may cost less than others.



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