How to use Instagram ?

You all know how popular Instagram is now as a popular social media with about 1.084 billion users. Its number of users is comparatively higher than the number of other social media users. Nowadays, all the internet users on smartphones have an idea about the usage rules of various social platforms including Instagram. Instagram is a social media platform where you will find some nice features in a slightly different format from other social media platforms. But now there are a lot of people who can’t use Instagram properly.

Today I will discuss with you the rules of how to use Instagram properly. For those who don’t have much idea about Instagram, stay tuned. The discussion started below.

The first step in using Instagram is the person’s Instagram username. You have to enter your Instagram username according to your individual name so that people can easily find you on Instagram.  Account type means you have to choose whether you want to use your account as a private or public account.  Therefore, after opening the account, you can use the account as private if it is private and as public if it is a business account.  When made public, viewers will be able to easily see all your posts, stories, followers, and highlights. Then you need to select a profile photo for your Instagram. 

The Instagram account needs to be a personal profile or a company logo according to the person or company and its size should be 360 ​​× 360 pixels. After giving the profile photo, you need to give an Instagram bio to use the Instagram account. The bio should contain clear information about yourself or any of your business pages and some words should be written briefly and well and remember that the writing should end within 150 characters. Then all you have to do is add your contract information.  If the account is a business account, you can add your own business email or information, and if it is a personal account, you can use your own contact information or maintain privacy.

Once the above work is done, you have to upload an Instagram post or content. Instagram is usually called a photo sharing platform, but here you can create and post videos and content with different photos.  If you want to post beautiful and interesting photos and videos on Instagram, the followers will increase in your account. Besides, if you want, buy instagram real followers cheap from other sites. The size of the image you upload to Instagram must be 1080 x 1080 pixels.

You must then use hashtags when you upload Instagram posts.  This is an important thing to use. This will allow the target users to find the post. Then you need to know the use of Instagram Stories. On Instagram Stories, people will be able to upload their daily moments which will be on your profile 24 hours a day.  Moreover, there are Instagram reels where you can make short videos and upload them yourself. These videos are private, there is no problem if they are collected.

I hope you have got a brief idea about how to use Instagram. We’ll talk about some of the uses of Instagram’s Instagram Insights later.


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