How to use Saffron in the Summer season? 

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Well summers have arrived and so does the sweating, allergy, skin irritation, dehydration. In summers most of people feels very lazy, less cheerful  and weak and for that there are so many reasons, Excessive heat, high exposure to burning sunlight and warm winds etc. 

All of us these days want chill fruit juices, good and plenty of liquid in comparison to winter where all we need is a good warm blanket. It’s been observed that lots of people lose some kg in summer naturally , well it is a good thing for those who are fat bit not for those you are not required to. 

In Summer we can’t eat heavy and frequently but we can make sure to eat everything healthy , which helps in dealing with the summer season. There are so many different herbs and spices that you can add into your list. 

Well if we talk about saffron , it is a female reproductive part basically the style and stigma part of plant crocus sativus. It is very delicate and not at all easy to cultivate and harvest which makes it even more expensive and not so easily available earlier but not now. Now it is easily available but always uses pure saffron as adulteration of saffron is very common because of its high price and less availability. 

Well in winters we use saffron as it provides energy, warmness, heat and nourishment to the body. There are three types of food according to their potency: hot, cold and normal and saffron has hot potency which is good if taken in winters or even when you are suffering from cold, cough etc. Saffron India is the most searched term in India 

But you can balance the potency by taking it with other food or fluid in Summer which have cold potency to make it normal. Saffron has numerous uses and benefits not just as in edible form but in so many other forms too. Having saffron in your meals and drinks is good as it has great properties and effective action but along with such it also shows great effects while using externally. 

In Summer’s skin tanning and allergies are very much common and saffron has properties to deal with such all very effectively. It helps in reducing the tan, it also reduces the inflammation, irritation and provides you the natural glow and a very great shine along with proper hydration. You should always take kashmir saffron for your health purposes. 

You can make a simple paste of it or you can mix it with milk or honey for great effects. Also you have seen saffron is one the main INGREDIENT in cosmetic products these days. Not just beauty benefits in summers but it also provides you  great  health benefits as well. Saffron is so rich in vitamins and minerals and also has great anti- inflammatory properties which provides great health benefits naturally. 


It is very obvious in summers to have some cold and tasty dessert after a meal and to enhance the flavour and colour of your sweet dishes such as custard, shakes, kheer you can add saffron which provides you the mouthwatering taste. 



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