Hygiene Rules For Kids- What Is Non-Negotiable And What Is?

When your child is at home, as a parent you have greater responsibilities. Maintaining their hygiene is one among them. During the COVID pandemic, you must have locked your child at home and have forced them to wash their hands and face properly. When your kids are staying at home, don’t let them sit idle, instead enroll them in some online hobby classes in Yellow Class. Here, your kids get a big hobbies list to learn from home, and by maintaining the hygiene rules for kids.

When the health of kids is concerned, parents usually make non-negotiable hygiene rules for kids. That is when they say no, it means no, and kids are bound to follow the rules made for them. If your child wants to do things themselves, let them do it. But when it comes to personal hygiene, as a parent you need to be involved in making rules and following them regularly.

Here are some non-negotiable hygiene rules for your kids:-

  • Brushing their teeth – kids need to brush their teeth twice a day and for 30 seconds. This protects their cavities and other dental problems. 
  • Washing hands – this is a non-negotiable habit. You need to focus on the usage of the soap while washing, and the duration. Washing your hands before meals, playing outside, and using the bathroom are important.
  • Wash their fruits and vegetables before eating – these food items generally have E Coli bacteria on the surface and are necessary to wash before consuming.
  • Teach them about social distancing – social distancing during vital situations and in case of some communicable diseases is important. 
  • Cover mouth every time they cough and sneeze – kids must cover their mouth with a handkerchief while coughing and sneezing.
  • Ask them to bathe regularly – this helps in eliminating various skin problems. Bathing regularly removes dust, bacteria or other harmful microorganisms, and dead skin cells.
  • Flushing toilets – teach your child to flush toilets after every use, this prevents infections.
  • Make a routine room clean up – at least twice a week, your child must clean up their room to prevent dust and other harmful microorganisms from growing. Also, make a habit of throwing garbage into dustbins to keep the environment clean and hygienic.
  • Other hygiene measures- Regularly wash their hair, and brush them properly to prevent tangles. Make sure their nails are properly trimmed and cleaned. 

You can ensure their safety and hygiene from different kids activities, online classes. Here, the educators help the kids to know the importance of hygiene in their way. Also, various cartoons and social media fun elements spread the importance of hygiene among children. Being a parent, you should be strict at this point. But remember not to harm them, instead make them understand the values and help them in their way.


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