Improve your typing skills with these tips

It doesn’t matter what kind of career you’re in, accurate and fast typing will likely serve you well both in the long- and short term. Even modern technology now means most people type with pointer fingers or thumbs, and there’s a chance that you will be asked to perform a task with your laptop or desktop.

The less time you use to concentrate on the typing mechanics, the more time you will have to focus on what you’re typing. With this, you’ll be able to produce work with fewer errors. Typing is actually an essential skill for the office. If you’re not competent, you might then end up becoming anxious and stressed. Luckily, improving your typing skills isn’t that difficult. Here is a guide on how to improve your typing skills.

1) Use the correct hand placement

When you’re practicing your typing, it is necessary that you cultivate proper hand placement technique. Before you begin, position your fingers on top of the home row (with your left hand over keys A, S, D, and F and your right hand over keys J, K, L, and ;), while placing your thumbs on top of the space bar. After this, you can slightly move your fingers so they can reach other keys. Ensure that your hands return to this starting position at all times.

This will help you become familiar with the keyboard. Once you have gained more experience, you can start experimenting with various starting positions to determine the version that suits you best.

2) Don’t look at your hands

You should look at the screen instead of your hands. Admittedly, this will be difficult at the start (especially if you’re not yet experienced in hand placement). However, when you look at the screen during typing, it will improve your accuracy since you can see typos just as they happen. With this method, you will start to memorize the keys’ placement and this should help you type even faster in the near future.

3) Maintain proper posture

It is important that you sit in an upright position as this will make it simpler to type with more speed. You might be used to working on the couch or slouching while in your chair, but you’ll see marked improvements if you move to a straight-backed chair. Gaming chairs are great as you can sit on them for long periods. If you still want to be able to game it out on the couch, though, after sitting in an upright position all day at work, then a few minutes won’t hurt. The beauty of getting a budget laptop from is that you have more freedom over where you sit.

4) Make your hands more comfortable

It will be almost impossible to type for a long period of time if you’re making use of an unsuitable hand placement. Your keyboard’s space bar should be in line with your body so that you’re not typing or looking at the screen from an angle. When you type, make sure your wrists are elevated and your elbows are rested on the table. Don’t bend or angle your wrists.

5) Practice!

This is pretty obvious as it applies to almost anything we set our sights on. Practicing helps us to improve on a skill and typing isn’t any different. When you type regularly, you become more familiar with the keyboard, the position of its keys, and the way your hands have to be positioned. You should try your best not to look at the keys when you practice as this will slow you down and even lead to more mistakes.


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