Is Being A Wedding DJ Difficult? 

Weddings are some of the most coveted ceremonies in any person’s life. Generally, people are very particular about how they want their wedding to be. Any slip-up can cause major stress or sadness for a couple ready to wed. Plus, there’s a lot of planning that goes into the average wedding. You need to organize the location, the guest list, and the food for starters. 

But one of the most important aspects of many weddings and receptions is the music played. Wedding DJ services could be the perfect solution for a wedding’s entertainment, but it can also be expensive. You may think to yourself, “Is being a wedding DJ that hard? Could our cousin Greg do it?” The short answer is no, he couldn’t. It takes a certain amount of knowledge, equipment, and expertise in navigating the party to tailor the music accordingly. 

You don’t have to hire one of the most expensive DJs in the world to have an unforgettable experience on your wedding day. But a professional to lead the event is recommended. 

This article will break down just how much a wedding DJ can do for your special day. It’s more than simply controlling the playlist (though that is a big part of it). A wedding DJ can offer more than you might expect which could actually save you on other expenses. Keep reading to see what a professional DJ can do for you. 

All Things Music 

This one is obvious, but controlling the music is actually a bigger job than you might think. A premiere wedding DJ will be a complete professional and work hand-in-hand with the couple to craft a playlist that fits the type of wedding they want to have. This includes slow songs for dances, faster party songs, and sound queues or important transitions for events like cutting the cake or announcing cocktail or dinner hour. 

Plus, they have to be able to take requests and know which requests to ignore. Sometimes the playlist doesn’t fit the vibe of the party, and a wedding DJ needs to adjust accordingly. There’s a lot of responsibility in being the DJ of an important event, such as a wedding party. The music is the first thing you need to get right. 

MC Services 

The wedding DJ is the conductor of the party. He prompts queues to move onto important ritualistic parts of the wedding, like a smooth song for dinner service or the perfect song for the first dance. He also announces when these things will happen, along with coordinating the best man and maid of honor’s speeches. They have to make sure certain people don’t get a hold of the microphone also. A successful wedding DJ will handle this responsibility with a certain balanced level of fun, class, and professionalism. You don’t want to be too much fun or too tightened up professionally. 

Party-Sized Equipment

More than likely, your friend or family member that wants to volunteer as your wedding DJ won’t have the equipment or know-how to throw a party fit for a wedding. Wedding DJ companies have massive speakers, monitors, and all the connecting wires needed to create a large enough sound for a party of tens or hundreds of people. Plus, DJs have turntables that allow them to throw together mashups and do things with sound that require more knowledge than your average joe who is controlling the aux cord. 

Plus, they generally have versatile equipment that is good for any type of event, including: 

  • Indoor weddings
  • Outdoor weddings
  • Small weddings
  • Large weddings
  • Corporate events 
  • Charity events
  • Fundraisers 
  • Private parties 
  • Karaoke and trivia events 
  • Proms or school dances 
  • College parties 

This way, you don’t have to limit your wedding experience to your friend or family member’s knowledge or equipment. A professional will be able to easily adapt to your demands. 

Bonus Equipment

The best wedding DJs also have lighting and sound equipment that takes the wedding reception to the next level. This really sets the tone for the celebration aspect of a wedding party and turns the dance floor into a club-like atmosphere that can be scaled up and down according to the party’s feel at the time. The lights can go all the way down for the bride and groom’s first dance, or a DJ can introduce a strobe and other lights to turn the party up. The right atmosphere combined with the right playlist can create an unforgettable experience that your guests will look back on fondly forever. 

That’s not all. Some wedding DJ companies provide photo booths and even live music if that’s the feel you want your wedding party to have. The most important thing is for your wedding DJ company to be flexible about what you want your wedding to be. Even though they lead the party, it’s yours to bring to life. 

Conclusion – Is Being A Wedding DJ Difficult?

Generally, the average person couldn’t throw together all the services a professional wedding DJ would have at their disposal. Most have the backing of a larger organization that has the equipment, resources, and knowledge to tackle any event, including weddings. Or they can provide additional services like lighting, photo booths, trivia, and more. If you like what they do for your wedding, they can also work on other events that might require a DJ or party conductor. 

They provide professional musical services, MC services, and bring equipment fit for a dream wedding that can be scaled to the couple’s specifications. They also have the versatility to accommodate indoor or outdoor celebrations, which your at-home equipment might not be able to handle. 

At the end of the day, you can do whatever you want for your wedding; it’s your big special day, and ideally, you only get one. But if you want to make sure everything goes according to plan and to your expectations, consider hiring a professional wedding DJ. They’ll be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have, and tailor their expert services to your exact wants and needs. 



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