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Is Discord Safe For Kids- The Essential Points Parents Need To Note

Many children use Discord these days, and the purpose behind it is chatting with friends and connecting with others who share similar interests, but now the trending question is: Is Discord Safe For Kids?

The general recommendation is that Discord users should be at least 13 due to its open chat. The user-generated platform provides the potential for plenty of inappropriate content, including swearing and graphic language and images. Discord brings voice, video, and text chat functionality, all of which are wildly popular among kids. But regarding the notion of the parents, what can be said as of now is that it remains a bit of a mystery. Some are even unaware whether Discord is a social media platform or does it allows kids to play video games.


  • Discord: The general idea
  • The safety standard of the platform
  • Additional points you need to know about Discord concerning the safety of kids
  • Final say

Discord: The General Idea

Discord, an app that debuted in 2015 for allowing people to communicate in real-time while playing video games, is highly popular for the reason that it allows users to complete numerous activities, including conversing. In addition to that, it’s beneficial as well, as the app’s features allow students to work on class projects.

Regarding the query Is Discord Safe For Kids, it can be said that With the correct privacy and security settings, the platform Discord which lets chat through texting, voice calls, or video calls, can be used safely by kids. However, note that some servers on Discord are themed around adult topics not suitable for your child.

The safety standard of the platform

People are worried about the usage of Discord. Are Discord Safe For 10-Year-Olds? Note that Discord requires that users be at least 13, although they don’t verify users’ age upon signup. Also, note that the platform is not suitable for very young children, and the reason behind the same is that most conversations are private, so there is always a risk that your child is communicating with someone who might he or she might not be too familiar.

Discord For Kids basically works with chat rooms that have shared interests. Public servers on this platform have moderators responsible for removing users acting inappropriately. Users get the opportunity of starting private servers with just their friends. Also, regarding educational applications, it can be said that the schools can use a Discord feature referred to as “Student Hubs” to verify (and connect) children using their school email addresses. The platform is ultimately safe as it helps work with other students from their school.

Additional points you need to know about Discord concerning the safety of kids

Since parents are still confused regarding Discord usage and often question whether Discord is safe For Kids, it can be said that Discord allows people 13 and above, but there is no formal verification process. Also, at times, there is a possibility that your child will come across inappropriate content.

Kids using Discord for gaming play the video game on that particular video game’s platform while connecting with their friends and, in the process, also talking in main servers or private ones. The platform also allows sending private messages depending on their account settings, letting them speak with strangers.

Kids don’t just use Discord for video games and usually choose to use it for chatting about other common interests, including TV, entertainment, and books; Discord servers function as chat rooms that center around a particular theme.

Final say

The answer to the query Is Discord For Kids is that the platform Discord Kids is safe when used under the supervision of adults. But the issue is that the parents or any adult cannot accompany the kids always when they access Discord. So parents must keep a check on the intensity of communication of the child with another person on the platform, and if the need arises, there must be set restrictions as well.

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