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Blockchain is an emerging and revolutionary technology. It helps reduce risk, eliminate fraud and offer clarity for numerous uses in a scalable way. Blockchain leverages decentralization and cryptography hashing to guarantee an unalterable and transparent digital asset history. Blockchain transactions are secured and encrypted to ensure that no third parties can access or edit these records.

After realizing its influence in numerous industry sectors, several firms have expressed interest in using Blockchain Technology. Companies expect to hire blockchain developers to implement the blockchain infrastructure and manage it. It leads to the massive demand for blockchain specialists worldwide, making it the best opportunity to begin your training to become a blockchain specialist. It is expected that by 2025, the blockchain market would reach USD 39.7 billion, a growth rate of 67.3%, indicating that Blockchain applications have been enhanced.

Blockchain certification is an excellent way to obtain a deeper grasp of technology and focus on functional areas that offer an insight into the industry. Let’s explore various Blockchain certifications and their benefits.

Benefits of Blockchain training and certification

  • Huge demand today and in the future for qualified blockchain professionals.
  • Huge pay for the Blockchain-certified technology. It offers options to diversify income and enhances your income.
  • If your employer wishes to deploy blockchain technology, you can help.
  • The course is cheaper than the degree because it is a shorter course. Free and paid Blockchain certification courses are more conceptually oriented than degrees.

Certified Blockchain Expert – Its significance

A Certified Blockchain Expert is thoroughly aware of Blockchain technology and can design enterprise-based Blockchain applications.

Becoming a CBE includes:

  • Comprehensive training.
  • An exam-based certification from Blockchain.
  • A detailed practical understanding of Blockchain technology.

Since demand for Blockchain specialists increases, the Blockchain certification will be your competitive edge, providing companies trust in rapid recruitment.

Best Blockchain certifications and courses to become a blockchain professional:

Although there is no official Blockchain certification as you do with Java and Spring or AWS or Azure certification, many independent organizations provide blockchain certifications.

Professional Certificate Program in Blockchain – Simplilearn

This Professional Blockchain certification training is designed for all comprising world-class instructions, result-oriented bootcamps, and hands-on projects. IIT Kanpur carefully crafts this blockchain certification course to give you insights into blockchain applications in the real world. This Blockchain certification training course covers topics for blockchain platforms of Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Hyperledger, and Multichain. 

Learn how to build a private blockchain network with the Hyperledger Composer and use Ethereum with smart contracts. This Professional Blockchain Certification Program of IIT Kanpur enhances the academic standards with Simplilearn’s unique bootcamp style. The Blockchain Course serves professionals and graduates from many sectors. Their students’ diversity enhances class discussions and interactions.

Blockchain Certification Course (CBP) – EC Council

CBP provides theoretical fundamentals and practical knowledge training from the EC Council to obtain genuine work experience. It gives a detailed guide beginning with the principles of blockchain technology and working on advanced implementation options for full-stack developers.

The CBP course contains extensive videos, laboratory projects and tests, quizzes, a capstone project, and a renowned certification. The course improves your skills by creating blockchain strategies and providing knowledge outside Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to ensure complete implementation. It also helps you learn how you may effectively use the knowledge acquired during the course. After completing the course, you can develop blockchains, cryptocurrencies and use blockchain knowledge in the IoT and AI sectors.

Blockchain For Business 2021 — Udemy

You will learn about Blockchain’s fundamental concepts and their implications in several industries, use them and invest in your career development. The course discusses 50 real-life Blockchain applications, which provide an in-depth insight into the blockchain applications and essential aspects of blockchain technology in the real world. It includes information about blockchain applications, big data, land and vehicle registration, KYC, and farmers’ assistance. It also focuses on businesses like the fisheries, the diamond and gold industries, automobiles, and many more.

Blockchain — Principles and Practices (Pluralsight)

Learn Blockchain with this top Pluralsight course. Developers who have a strong understanding of C# and wish to build up blockchain technology will recommend this Pluralsight course as a beginner, then move towards higher courses.

Begin by understanding the cryptography that secures the user’s identity and provides a safe transaction. It assures how one transaction can be stored inside a block and how you can do numerous transactions.

P. G. Diploma in Blockchain Technology — UpGrad

This course is intended specifically for students and employees who meet the demands of employment roles and industries. It offers Blockchain with hands-on experience and exposure to the industry for over 250 hours of training. The program also includes an IIT Bangalore PG Certificate. 1:1 tailored guidance from the industry professionals is a benefit of this training.

Why earn blockchain training?

By training and certifying, you can acquire the practically necessary abilities for your job by focusing on the skills and information required to accomplish real-world tasks, the expertise, and personal commitment in Blockchain to their professional development. The renowned institution’s highly respected Blockchain training and certification have enhanced applicants’ skills resourcefully to help develop Blockchain-related strategies and tools and raise awareness within the needed technology and business community.

Wrapping up

Although blockchain technology is now at an upcoming stage, it has evolved to bring every sector and top management to their attention. Blockchain developers are in great demand, and not many are available on the market. A Blockchain certification can differentiate you from the competitors and equip you with all the expertise you need in your job.

All these are the most excellent Blockchain courses and certifications you may follow to study Blockchain in-depth. Blockchain isn’t simply a way to send money securely. Still, it is used for other things such as supply chain monitoring or for people who want to control their digital identity that means access to financial services in poor regions of the world. Learning Blockchain and being certified in Blockchain is now a prerequisite to acquiring traction to your profile and land excellent jobs with high salaries.


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