Jetsetfly biography- The Rise to Popularity 


Josh King Madrid (aka JetSet) has risen to popularity as an internet celebrity, alongside being the co-inventor of the AI messenger chatbot for Instagram DM. He is known today as an eminent author, film producer, digital marketer, media personality, creator of ‘Millionaire Dropout’ & YouTuber.

Who is Jetsetfly?

Professionally and popularly known as “JetSet” or JetSetFly, Joshua Madrid makes it easier for future business; and sticks to the belief that every business becomes a success with the utilization of the right tools. Jetsetfly Instagram has let people know about a platform providing digital marketers and brand proprietors with tools for the proper creation of videos for marketing their brands. The founder of, a serial entrepreneur and social media influencer, “Jetsetfly,” stresses the significance of brands having social media presence. Also, it has become the reason Josh King Jetsetfly came up with the platform.

JetSetFly, aka Josh King Madrid, has earned recognition lately as a well-known young, multi-talented entrepreneur on social media platforms for an inspiring and unbelievable success story in building e-commerce Jetsetfly empire at a young age. JetSetFly, a neuro marketer, public speaker, and the founder of, has gained tremendous fame lately as one of the world’s Gen Z’s most innovative, influential marketers. At 24 years old, Josh King Madrid – Jetsetfly has already generated h thousands of leads, selling over $20 million worth of products and services online.

The Rise to Fame 

Josh King Madrid @Jetsetfly made his first million dollars at 19 after dropping out of college. Moreover, what’s wonderful to know is that in the last six years, a popular personality on Instagram Jetsetflyhas built multiple seven-figure companies along with-commerce brands. Jetsetfly Shopify Website has witnessed over 13,000 customers. Also, the tremendous success and growth of jetsetfly millionaire dropout  are evident from the fact that brands have generated over $20 million in total online sales.

Marketer and media personality JetSetFly has built a personal Jetsetfly Shopify aimed at recording podcasts and creating valuable content to share with over 500,000 followers. Stages shared with Fortune 500 CEOs, remarkable billionaires, motivational speakers, and social media business personalities have also brought him to the limelight. 

Jetsetfly Scam – Is It True?

One of the popular questions now is: jetsetfly a scam artist? and is jetsetfly broke? 

Jetsetfly scam is now a hot topic! JetSetFly, aka Josh Madrid scammed people out of $500k+

In this regard, it was reported that JetSetFly, aka Josh Madrid, scammed people out of $500k+. Bogdan Kosilov was the very first person who broke the news on Instagram as someone who was supposedly scammed for $10k. Other people started coming forward, and there was then the question, what was the actual scam?

Consequently,  the number of jetsetfly lawsuit increased.

Jetsetfly has made people interested in signing up for different courses or masterminds incomplete or completely ineffective. People asked for a refund but were denied.

Bogdan, since then, has been trying to get people together to take Josh to court. To that, JetSetFly posted stated he is heading back and will make things right. However, the matter isn’t clarified till now!

Final Words 

Highly skilled internet entrepreneur, and marketer, JetSetFly deserves to be known across the globe and is set to release a documentary on the Paper Boyz NFT project. Also, he is working towards expanding into the most valuable NFT alpha community with articles translated and written in every primary language. So it can be hoped that JetSetFly will improve accessibility to reliable news within the NFT and blockchain community.


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