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Whether you are seeking a new attorney for your business or are a potential client, you will need to make sure you select a law firm with a reputation for honesty and integrity. A review of Jimmy Wagner’s Attorney law shows that this firm has a history of making false and misleading claims to the court and their clients. This firm was recently cited by the Bar Association of New York for disciplinary action because of their neglect of a client’s estate and their failure to return unearned fees.

Misrepresentations to the court and his clients

During an investigation, it became clear that Jimmy Wagner’s misrepresentations to the court and his clients were serious breaches of professional ethics. These violations were not inconsequential to the clients, the public, or the court. The Board of Regents determined that Wagner’s actions were insufficient to justify the suspension.

The Board found that Wagner failed to provide competent representation to four clients, and failed to represent the interests of one client in a legal proceeding. In addition, Wagner failed to prepare and deliver court documents, and failed to timely deposit fees in the trust account. This negligence harmed the clients and created substantial stress for them.

The Board of Regents determined that Jimmy Wagner failed to file fiduciary tax forms and estate tax returns on behalf of one client. This failure resulted in significant penalties and interest.

Failure to return unearned fees

Several attorneys were slapped with commission reprimands, and a couple was permanently suspended. But how many of these were truly reprimand-worthy? Below are the names of a few notable disbarments.

The top of the pyramid includes several in-house lawyers who were suspended for a variety of crimes including theft, fraud, and failure to comply with the law. The bottom rung includes a couple of attorneys who were found guilty of the legal equivalent of burglary. Some of the more noteworthy offenses included failing to protect client funds, failing to file tax returns, and failing to comply with federal withholding tax liens. But one lawyer who received a particularly lenient treatment was the one who was found to have the most to lose.

Neglect of the Nelsen real estate matter

Several years ago, a Brooklyn attorney named Jimmy Wagner neglected a real estate matter involving the estate of Bornong Nelsen. This neglect resulted in significant tax penalties. It also forced the estate to hire new attorneys to close the estate. The failure to file estate tax returns was also a cause for significant penalties. This caused a great deal of harm to the clients and the estate. Ultimately, the estate incurred penalties and fees of over $55,000.

The Commission found that Wagner was negligent and committed misconduct. Wagner did not respond to the Commission’s inquiry promptly, did not cross-examine witnesses, and did not put on evidence of his own. He also misrepresented documents to his agent. This misrepresentation was intended to help his clients. He also lied to the agent, stating that the documents were ready for delivery. However, Wagner never delivered the documents.

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