Kitchen Island and Bar Design Inspirations for Home

You cannot imagine a stylish kitchen without an island or a bar. These two features have become synonymous with urban designs. If you have a spacious cooking zone, you may have either of these or plan to include them in the layout. After all, these can immediately increase the aesthetic appeal of this space with the addition of beautiful accessories. But having them is not just about luxury. It has to do a lot with practical aspects, which everyone realizes pretty well. Often, bar and island look so similar that it becomes difficult to differentiate them. Do you face the same problem?

A kitchen island tends to be an independent countertop, usually dotting the center of the kitchen, while a kitchen bar can merge with the countertop or wall. Then, seating arrangements can also hint at the difference. Nevertheless, here are some interior design suggestions to help you choose your favorite concept.

Kitchen island and bar ideas

A space divider kind of theme

A kitchen island between the cooking zone and dining room sets the boundary for them while keeping them inter-connected. The choice of furnishings can further accentuate its intention. With bars also, you can imagine this to be the case. However, some people like to explore hybrid designs where you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Suppose you have a sizeable coastal kitchen. You can add a beautiful island and double it as a home bar too. Adding bar stools and one of the prep sinks with luxurious style can convey it. Over the countertop, you can hang pendant lamps to play with this décor a little more.

L-shaped bar in open-plan

Many people struggle to utilize their large, open floor plan properly. You can take a unique approach by opting for an L-type layout design for a bar. It can tie the whole kitchen look neatly by adding tasteful boundaries with its frames and extending the countertop. It can feel like an intimate setting with timber wood sloped ceilings, blue and brown mosaic wall tiles, a running laminate countertop with a high arc faucet and a 30 x 18 kitchen sink, etc. Chair and cabinets under the countertop can have the same colored wood. However, upholstery can be blue for a vibrant effect. It can look formal and chic.

Different height countertops

The combination of the home bar and kitchen island can make you ambitious. But there is nothing wrong with setting your expectations high if you have a budget and space. You can go for two different heights of countertops to bring the two features close to each other. The lower side can be the island, and the higher one can become your bar. It can be interesting to vary the countertop surface, though. The bar design can use dark wood, while the island can keep the white marble in sync with the leading worktop. The backdrop can consist of white cabinets, white walls, etc. Flooring can be vinyl or hardwood. However, it has to be the same shade as the bar chairs and countertop. 

It can already have various luxurious elements. If you wish, you can take it a notch above by supplying the chairs with leather upholstery. In this white and brown backdrop, the infusion of sea blue can remind you of the clean beach houses.

A small bar design

Don’t have enough square footage to be lucky to enjoy the convenience of bar and island? Well, you don’t have to regret it yet. In smaller rooms, bars work the best. The long and narrow designs make it possible. Suppose there is a window close to the kitchen door and some free space in the front. In that corner, you can add a countertop right under the window and equip it with two bar stools. If there is a wall behind the countertop beside the window, you can build a small storage system to keep your drinks and accessories there. 

Unique island and bar design projects

Some simple design conversion ideas can help you save money while allowing you to enjoy your kitchen décor as much as anyone else. You can find it more delightful, especially if you love DIY stuff or have budget constraints. For example, you may not have a kitchen island at this moment. But you want to add one to optimize your cooking space. 

Do you have a bookshelf? Upscaling and repurposing this piece of furniture can solve your problem. Choose the one with a suitable shape and size to avoid any significant remodeling requirements. You can retain two shelves in it with a considerable distance between them. The top shelf can have a large wire basket, and the lower one can hold mason jars of varying heights. 

You can also search your house for an old desk to convert it into an island—color the exteriors and interiors in your preferred shades. Replace old hardware and furnish the table with similar options used on other furniture items in the kitchen. If it is a small kitchen, you can add wheels to the legs to move it to another corner when not used.

Like these, there are endless options to give your kitchen the desired makeover, regardless of the budget size. If you have time and interest, you can browse through many concepts to understand what suits your sensibilities the most. As mentioned, some changes are easy to implement despite financial constraints. You don’t have to stop just because you cannot spend enough on this. The old furniture lying around in your house can come in handy.

However, if you don’t have to worry about money, you can hire the best consultant and designer for your home bar and kitchen island needs. They can introduce you to the intricacies of every style to help you achieve anything. From industrial to modern to rustic, you can choose one of them to enhance your kitchen’s beauty. Still, no matter what path you walk, make sure to give it a proper thought. Your time and efforts are precious. And when you invest money, a third aspect gets attached. So, prepare yourself well before opting for an idea.


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