Knots you need to learn for fly fishing

Fishing is a great chance to enjoy the great outdoors and bring home a fabulous meal at the same time. One of the best ways to have fun fishing is by going fly fishing. If you’re making plans to head off on a fly fishing trip, you’ll want to know exactly what to do once you’re there. Mastering these fly fishing knots will make your fishing experience more efficient as well as easier to catch many types of fish.

Double Surgeon

The Double Surgeon is a classic knot with lots of advantages. To make the double surgeon, you’ll need to take two lines and lay them parallel with each other. Then you tie them together with two overhand knots. Some experts in fly fishing like to add an extra knot. That turns this one into a triple surgeon knot. 

The double surgeon is useful for many purposes. Experienced fly fishermen like to use the knot to fasten tippets to leaders. It also allows the person fishing to create a leader of their own. Several sections of tippets can be tied together at the same time. This knowledge is easy to master, fast tying and very useful for those planning to go fly fishing in Yellowstone.

Duncan Loop

Another widely popular fly fishing knot is the Duncan Loop. The Duncan Loop was created by Norman Duncan. It is also known as the Uni Knot. This is a variation on the slip knot. Where the Duncan differs is that you can make sure the knot is fully locked into place. That makes it easy to attach items like nymphs or streamers and keep them from sliding away. This way, they can also swing when you’re standing in a river and want to keep pace with the current around you. The knot can also be used to make a loop for your leader. This way, you can attach the leader to the fly line and use it to work the fishing line. This one can take some practice to master. However, the net result is a strong line that stands up to heavy use when you’re in the water.

Nail Knot

The nail knot is one of the most important of all fly fishing knots. Fly fishing experts have been using it to join two lines that have very different diameters. IT means you can put your own backing on any fly line. The nail knot was traditionally named the nail knot because it made use of a nail in the middle of the knot. 

Today’s fly fishermen sometimes use nails but also make use of materials such as straw or even a coffee stirrer that is lighter in weight and easier to bring with you on a fly fishing trip. It’s made by bringing together between six and eight loops. These coils are then pulled taught against the fly line and the nail is removed. The result is a knot that has been repeatedly shown to help catch fish and make it easier to appreciate the fly fishing experience.

Orvis Tippet Knot

The Ovis Tippet Knot was developed by experts at the Ovis Company. Company experts were looking for knots that were easy to master but also quite strong. After much experimentation and lots of work, they found this one worked as expected. Today, it remains a highly popular knot that allows the fly fisher to work even under difficult weather conditions. This one requires some dexterity but it’s well worth it. Lay the leader and tippet on top of each other. Use your thumb and your index finger to create a loop. Take the tag end of your leader and all of your tippets into the loop you’ve made twice. Wet and pull taut. It’s strong and provides the power you really want in your line.

Learning how to tie varied types of fly fishing knots gives all fly fishermen the chance to decide which one they want to use and under what circumstances. These knots offer power and ease of use and can be made quickly once you take the time to practice them. That’s why so many people who love fishing have made these knots part of their fishing skills.


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