The Last Week of April is National Princess Week!Creative Ideas for Old School Family Fun Time

Celebrate National Princess Week like a real princess! Dress up at home or do an enchanted photoshoot in the Enchanted Fairies immersive experience. Locations include Plano, TX; Houston, TX; San Antonio, TX; Stewardstown, PA; Madison, WI; Aurora, IL; Hudson Valley, New York; and Bremerton, WA. Whatever you choose, may your week be filled with fun, fluff, fancy, fabulousness, fantasy, and fantastical fairy freedom.

For parents: Celebrate the old-school way with real dress up play time. Keep your kids off tech devices by letting them explore your closet or going for a walk in the park to imagine their own princess (or prince) kingdom. Perhaps consider throwing a princess themed party — kids or not.

National Princess Week was created in 2012 by Disney, Target, and Julie Andrews. Below, we discuss ways to celebrate with an emphasis on bonding with your little princess. And if you have a bundle of joy on the way or are without them for the week, these ideas are certainly adult-worthy and will keep you young at heart! We know we’re going to celebrate either way!

Games and Other Ideas

An option for a party game or game-for-two is ‘pin the crown on the princess,’ or if your little princess isn’t tall enough, ‘pin the slipper on the princess.’ Or create your own memory game with matching princesses cards to flip and match. Make it more difficult by pairing each princess with her prince instead of with her twin!

You can also search up some princess trivia and quiz your child or let them quiz you — it can be very fun for them to feel more knowledgeable than you in the princess department! Adults only? Grab the wine and get princess game night started!

How about a princess tea party? If your little one does this often, jazz it up by playing classical music and inviting the whole family to join — dad, that means you too! (We know there are many dads who attend tea parties often, but we bet some need the official invitation.)

Cardboard boxes anyone? These have and always will be imagination zone number one for children. Break out the markers and design your own castle. Craftier parents might even opt for paint in princess-y colors! And if you are flying solo, it’s time to invite some friends over for an adult pillow fort night! Just be sure to choose a light-colored beverage.

Help your child write a princess story or play to perform for the whole family or read your favorite fairy tale; suitable for all ages.

Don’t Forget!

Attire is everything! You can reimagine your princess look by going more fairy-like (Tinkerbell is totally a princess in our eyes), but never forget your crown or tiara! Enchanted Fairies has tons of options, including fairy gowns and wings suitable for all ages. Moms, you totally deserve a self care princess day too!

You can spread these activities out for the entire week! For calmer nights, opt for princess-themed snacks (cupcakes, anyone?) and throw on a favorite princess movie. Cuddle up and be engaged. Even if you’ve seen this movie a thousand times with your child, this is the time to make it feel like you are really enjoying the experience. Your children mirror you — bond with them by gasping at the ‘scary’ parts and laughing and singing along.

We hope you feel inspired to celebrate princess week this April — we certainly wish we could do this all-year round!

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Aileen Avikova is a mother, wife, and Co-Founder of Enchanted Fairies, a luxury fine art portrait studio that provides a magical, immersive experience for children of all ages. They have donated over one million dollars to children’s charities nationwide. To learn more about the Enchanted Fairies experience, visit https://enchanted-fairies.com/


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