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Learn the basic parenting tips: Parenting is not an easy task, especially when it’s your first child and you are completely clueless in what has to be done and in which manner. Handling a newborn baby, taking care of his needs, understand when he is uncomfortable, and accordingly providing the best care isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why most new parents need a proper guide when they can know how to carry on with the best parenting tips for their kids.

So, here we have provided some of the best parenting tips for baby, which will ease all your tensions and will make the journey one of the best experiences of your life.

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Babies don’t rest until they have their stomach contended. In fact, even after that, they love to bask in the warmth of their mother and hence carry on with breastfeeding. And perhaps this is why nursing the children can get too overwhelming for you to handle sometimes. Let’s discover the best nursing tips for the parents.

  1. Feeding Lesson: In hospitals, there are nursing consultants who give classes on how to feed the baby, how to latch-on, how to deal with a hungry stomach even when you have a sore nipple and so on. So, it’s better if you try to get the lessons before you leave the hospital.
  2. Sore Nipples: Many times, you can have sore and tender nipples with blocked mammary ducts, which can be really painful. For such problems, warm compression with a heating pad or warm washcloth is best because that reduces the inflammation and the soreness.
  3. Additional Support: Look around for supportive help, ask your peers or your family members about how they handled with the nursing during their time. Real-life practice ideas will help you more rather than the ones mentioned in the books.
  4. First Focus on Yourself: The best parenting tip for babies when you are breastfeeding them is to take care of your needs first, and then start taking babies needs into consideration. Well, no, this isn’t selfish, this is necessary because you are the source of their food and so, you need to be in a proper health condition.
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  1. Proper Milk Flow: Sometimes, lumps can form in the ducts, which act as blockades and hence your kid won’t get the milk. Giving warm compression to the breasts will not only reduce the pain but also help in establishing a proper flow of the milk.
  2. Milk Bottle:  Once your baby is three-month-old, you can start feeding with bottles additional to mothers feed. This will help in introducing the practice of feeding on bottles when you will be out with the kid if required.
Best Parenting Tips for Newborn

It’s true that newborn babies sleep for sixteen hours minimum but that’s not in long stretches, let alone a single stretch. As a result, you need to be at constant alert, when the baby will start crying after he wakes up from the sleep. So, here are some parenting tips for parents that will help you to deal with your sleeping schedule as per the schedule of your baby’s sleep.

1.  It’s best to take shifts with your husband. If a few hours at night you are cradling your kid and tending to his needs, then give the responsibility to your husband for the next few hours. This will ease out the stress and will give you a momentary relief.

2.  And, the best parenting tip for newborn mothers is that go to sleep when your baby is taking his sweet little nap.

Parenting Tips for Parents

3. Whenever your newborn isn’t comfortable in the bed while sleeping, just gather him and put him towards your chest to give him your warmth. Lull him to sleep either by rocking or singing the lullaby.

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Well, it isn’t the duty of the mothers only to handle the newborns all the time. Rather, fathers are equally important for his child, take up some responsibilities and support your wife in the amazing job she is doing. So dads, here are some of the best parenting tips which will give you a vivid idea about what needs to be done.

1.  First of all, don’t shiver in fear and leave everything up to your wife. Learn how to handle your baby from your wife and then start taking your own child in your arms.

2.  Yes, office work is definitely important but you can at least take a day or two off from your work in a crucial situation when your wife needs your support. Just stay at home, help your wife in the household chores while she attends to your kid or vice-versa and spends a lovely day with a new family.

3.  Make sure you are dividing the duties and fulfilling your responsibilities properly. Alternating duties of tending to the baby at night, like feeding your baby with a bottle, changing nappy, rocking a cradle and so on are some of the best examples.

Parenting Tips for Fathers

4.  Always remember, your wife needs your support the most to overcome from this postpartum tensions.

At last, it is very important in the upbringing of any child that his parents are understanding and co-operating each other and setting up an example of happy and smart parenting.


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