Lesser Known Beaches In And Around Trivandrum

Only beach buffs can understand that nothing is more tranquil than welcoming the setting sun’s magic while cooling off in the fresh, salty water. A beach getaway is one of the perfect ideas to unwind from your hectic working life and break free from your monotonous routine. 

Ditch the popular vacation spots because the pristine beaches in or around Trivandrum are an excellent way to soothe your senses and help you introspect in the serene ambiance. So if the beautiful seacoast, fresh breeze, and sandy banks fascinate you, it is time to book car rentals in Trivandrum with an experienced driver and give yourself a much-needed break by exploring these offbeat beach escapades in Trivandrum. 

  • Vatanappally Beach

If you want to catch some captivating vistas of the Arabian sea, Vatanappally Beach is perfect. Situated 6 hours from the main Trivandrum city, the coastline of this peaceful beach remains dotted with coconut trees and tall palms, which makes it one of the most enthralling places in Kerala. 

Moreover, the golden sand and the cool breeze give this beachfront a dreamy look and allow you to spend some peaceful time with yourself. 

  • Cherai Beach

With a stunning backdrop of the golden sandy beach and coconut groves, the crashing waves at the Cherai beach are a pleasant sight to witness. 

This beach turns into orange scenery during the sunset, giving you a perfect Instagrammable moment. Apart from admiring the picturesque beauty of this beach, you can savor some lip-smacking seafood too. 

  • Parappally Beach

Located around 5 hours from Trivandrum, the Parappally beach is located in Kerala’s Kozhikode district, near Kollam, nestled between the Irringal fort and Kappad beach. With its elevated rock formations and gushing waves, this beach makes it the perfect place to surf and witness the sunset over the horizon. 

It is one of the most stunning offbeat beaches near Thiruvananthapuram for beach enthusiasts to spend some time sitting peacefully on the shores. Another fascinating thing about the Parappally beach is the 500-year-old Parappalli mosque, undoubtedly a magical sight to behold.

  • Kappil Beach

If you seek some solitude, a visit to the Kappil beach can be perfect. The Kappil Beach, one of the most spectacular lesser-known beaches in Trivandrum, allows your senses to delve into the peaceful aura of the tranquil waters. The best part is that the beach is far away from pollution, commercialization, and chaotic visitor crowds. 

The thin line of the soft sand beach splits the famous Edava-Nadayara Lake from the magnificent Arabian Sea. Coconut groves and the golden sand nearby add more aesthetic allure to the beach. Also, this majestic beach is an idyllic spot for those seeking solitude and spending some time under the sun amidst the mesmerizing environment. 

  • Kizhunna Ezhara Beach

Among the most untouched and serene beaches on the Kannur coastal line, Ezhara and Kizhunna are two picturesque beaches. Considered the hidden gem of the North, this beach offers a fantastic water vista along with black rocks and soft sand interspersed with palm and coconut trees. 

After a long, tiring day, one of the perfect things is to take a serene walk along these beaches. Although the city life is full of other delightful activities, beaches offer solace. So to get a perfect serene getaway, book a car through a top rated cab booking app and get set to unwind yourself in the beauty of these captivating beaches. 



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