List of foods to eat when trying to lose weight

List of foods to eat when trying to lose weight : Sometimes it becomes necessary to cut down the bad fats in the body. That said, to maintain the effects of hunger, hormones, and a number of the calories you burn, you must always consider weight loss-friendly foods. So here is a list of healthy snacks for weight loss.

List of foods to eat when trying to lose weight

  • Mixed nuts

lose weight

The ideal nutritious snack makes sure about reducing the risk of heart disease, additional illnesses, and depression. Despite being relatively high in fat, the high protein low fat foods are fulfilling. 

Once you take nuts in moderation, you can get the opportunity of losing weight. The perfect balance of healthy fat, fiber, and protein gives adequate nutrition while cutting down weight. One of the superfoods in the best diet plan for weight loss, nuts, contains 180 calories in 1 oz serving on average.

  • A platter of strawberries and blueberries

A platter of strawberries and blueberries can be one of the perfect healthy snacks for weight loss for reducing that belly fat. Strawberries with the little sugar of 8 grams of sugar in 8 medium-sized strawberries with the high fiber content ensure cutting down your weight. 

Besides, a good source of vitamin C can make sure of giving you the other nutritional benefits. But always pay attention to buying organic strawberries that are devoid of pesticides. Besides, blueberries are rich in antioxidants. When you eat them in fresh or frozen form, you can rest assured that they can give versatile benefits. 57 calories in 100 grams with 2.4 grams of fiber and only 10 g of sugar make blueberry an ideal snack for losing weight.

  • Apple slice with peanut butter

Peanut butter and apples can give you the magical taste together. The high fiber apples with polyphenol antioxidants can ensure improved gut health while reducing heart disease. Besides, peanut butter comes with loads of benefits that can keep away heart issues. 

The increased HDL and reduced LDL and triglycerides make peanut butter perfect enough for cutting down your weight. The medium apple with one tablespoon of natural butter ensures a good balance of the sweet flavor with the creamy texture.

  • Corn with red pepper salad

One of the best ingredients for healthy snacks for weight loss is that most people love corn. It can give you nutritional benefits with flavor and high vitamin content while also working as a weight loss supplement. 

Again red pepper with low calories can ensure adding some crunchiness to it. You can also consider adding some cilantro and paprika to make it more interesting. Just prepare this with half cup cooked corn and half cup red pepper. Remember to add salt for taste.

  • Boiled potatoes

You can consider boiled potatoes for the similar weight maintenance properties that make it the perfect food for weight loss and optimal health maintenance. The incredibly diverse range of nutrients makes sure about fulfilling your nutritional needs while not allowing you to refrain from junk food. Particularly high in potassium, the boiled potatoes are good enough for keeping in control of the blood pressure. 

White and boiled potatoes make sure about developing the habit of eating less than the other foods. That said, including the boiled potatoes in your diet for the best diet plan for weight loss. Besides, when you consider allowing potatoes to cool down for a while right after boiling, it will come with higher amounts of the resistant starch, which is the fiber-like substance good enough in the immense range of health benefits, including weight loss.

Final words

Involving the above mentioned can give you a healthy body and can ensure excellence for your health. Plan out the best diet plan for weight loss optimally and get a perfect fit body in no time.


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