Modernising Your Period Home for Family Life

Period properties are, and always have been, incredibly popular. Whether you opt for a period townhouse or a country home, period houses are often seen as a cool alternative to a modern home. New builds on new estates can be exact copies of each other. Towns and cities are filled with houses and flats that all look the same, have replica layouts, and are built cheaply and quickly, without taking any time to create statement features. Many people would rather look for an older property with more personality and style. 

But while a period piece might have been top of your list when looking to buy a home, they often need at least some modernisation before you move in, and if you have children you might need to make some practical changes to suit your family and lifestyle.

If you are keen to keep the features of your period home while making it more practical and suitable for modern family life, here are some of the changes that you might want to make. 

Keep Traditional Features – But Make Sure They are Safe

There are bound to be features of your period property that you absolutely love. But when you’ve got kids, it’s important to make sure these features are safe if you want to keep them. If you love your traditional windows, consider having them replaced with new sash windows to keep your home warm and safe and if you have a feature fireplace you should have it professionally cleaned and childproofed. 

Renovating parts of a period home can be quite tricky. Obviously, you’d want to make sure the process doesn’t impact the delicate details of the house. In that case, it’s recommended to hire professional contractors who are familiar with the ins and outs of the process and know how to get the job done.

However, if you’re planning to take matters into your own hands, make sure you use the proper kind of equipment and protective apparatus to keep things safe. If there’s welding work involved, proper welding curtains and shields are necessary to protect nearby objects and keep the noise levels to a minimum.

Make Sure the Layout Meets Your Requirements and Priorities

If you have a larger period home, the layout might seem a little odd. Large old homes were built to cater for a completely different lifestyle to ours. They might have been built with help in mind, prioritising the family’s comfort and luxury above all else. This might mean that your kitchen is nowhere near your dining room, for example. 

Change the layout so that the rooms work for you. The last thing that you want if you have kids running about is to have to walk through other rooms, of the length of your home carrying hot plates. 

Choose Lighter Shades

Older homes can feel very dark and dramatic, which might not suit your lifestyle. Painting the walls in light colours, and adding light rugs to any dark hardwood floors is an easy way to brighten things up, especially if you want to keep original flooring or panelling. 

Making sure your windows are clean, that your window treatments aren’t too dark and heavy and that you can pin them back will help you to get more natural light and cheer things up. 

Period properties are stylish, unique, and interesting. But they can also look dated, feel musty, and be a little too fussy for modern life. Making a few changes like these will help you to keep all of those period features that you love about your home, without having to sacrifice your comfort or your children’s safety. 


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