Most Common Pest Problems Faced By Everyone and Their Solutions

Most Common Pest Problems: Pests are the inevitable problem that every household faces in one way or the other until professional services enter the field. There is no common permanent solution for all kinds of pests as the resistance of different pests differs from others. Although maintaining cleanliness and patching up every possible way to enter the house is a valid precaution measure to avoid pests, none can guarantee future outcomes.

However, the presence of pests is surely a problem as they can damage both your health as well as valuable properties. Thus, it is better to get in touch with reputed pest control services to get rid of the pest soon after noticing. Some of the most common pests problems which are faced by almost every households these days include

1. Mosquitoes: – Mosquitoes are probably one of the most dangerous pests to have around you. This may seem shocking but it is true. There are more than 3000 species of mosquitoes which can spread thousands of dreadful diseases out of which hundreds are fatal. Besides, mosquitoes are one of the few pests that reproduce rapidly. Moreover, there are several places like stagnant water, drainages, and abandoned places, etc on while female mosquitoes lay eggs. This increases the chance of getting affected by mosquitoes.

Solution: – You can find different mosquito repellent creams, nets, and sprays, etc to control mosquitoes. All of these control methods are effective but only for some time. Besides, using mosquito sprays can have adverse effects on children and pets as well. Thus, professional pest control services in Rajasthan are the only safest yet effective way to prevent or get rid of mosquitoes.

2. Ants: – Next to mosquitoes, ants are the commonly seen pest in both living places and working space. Ants live in groups and often march around the corner of the rooms and in the garden. These are social pests and can enter the house from all possible spaces to the house. The infestation of ants in the kitchen can make it look unhygienic and messy.

Solution: – Professional service is probably the best choice to get rid of ants as well. But you should know that the random exterminating powders available in the market are hazardous and can affect kids, aged people, and pets as well.

3. Termites: – Termites are destructive pests that can destroy all your valuable papers, files, clothes, and all wooden objects. They stay in colonies and enter the living space in such a strategic way that you won’t even notice the affected areas until everything is destroyed. Thus, you should start looking for the solution to get rid of these species as soon as possible.

Solution: – Although there are several chemicals in the market, none of them is recommended. Almost all such chemicals used for termites are powerful and can cause severe side effects on humans. In this scenario, there is no way other than approaching a pest control services with certified chemicals and approved treatment techniques.

4. Rats: – Rats are the most common pests that enter your house for food and shelter. Besides, they are also an easy vector for harmful microbes that spread diseases. Some dreadful diseases which are caused by rats include plague, salmonellosis, Leptospirosis, etc.

Solution: – Rat traps and poison are the temporary ways and you can’t be ensured of expected results from those methods. Moreover, all these methods turn out futile for a huge population of rats. Thus, even in this case, rodent control service is the best solution from all aspects.

5. Cockroaches: – Cockroaches are seen in almost every season, but as they prefer warm environments, you can come across them in the winter season. They enter the houses just to seek warmth, food, and shelter. But, there are many diseases that are transmitted by cockroaches. They are the vectors of some terrible diseases causing microbes.

Solutions: – There are many control methods using different chemicals and sprays available in the market to terminate cockroaches. But, you can’t rely on all such methods as those chemicals can be harsh on non-targeted species like a human as well.

Not only these pests, but there are also many more pests that you can come across. But, the common effective yet safest way to prevent pests from residential spaces or commercial complexes is a professional way. Pest control service in Rajasthan is the most experienced and reputed service which can ensure permanent relief from all such pests.


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