Music: The Most Accessible Stress Therapy

Most of us nowadays always wanted to achieve a life that is fun, active, and most importantly stress-free. But how can we achieve that stress free environment if we can’t even have an easy access to vacations from our work, school, or even personal problems. Well technically we can always manage these things from overcoming our mental state that might affect our overall performance in life.

Music, the most accessible and the cheapest stress therapy there is. It is when we always forget our headphones that we realize how big music plays part in our daily life. With the right kind of genre that you wanted to listen, or you are comfortable with, and accompanied with a great gear supply of equipment’s definitely a stress free and much more productive life is on its way.

But before we really dig in deep into how music relieves and become our stress therapy let us first define what is stress and how do we really get stress.

Stress is an emotional tension caused by feeling overwhelmed by everything that is happening in our life that we can’t control. Whether coming from our jobs, school, or simply family and friends. Stress can also affect us to both mentally and physically. The biological effect of stress in our body can cause us a long-term effect and can lead us to serious health issues, just like chronic heart disease, anxiety disorder, high blood pressure and other health problems.

For a very long-time music has accompanied us in our life. Through hardships, helps us create motivations, workouts, and even to our romantic relationships. With new research conducted, it shows that music also lowers our stress levels and also can affect our moods in every possible way. Even to simple humming some harmony can simply change our mood.

With that being said, scientist come up with some findings that links to the good effects of music in our body, especially its effects on lowering the stress levels that we are experiencing daily.

Here are some of the research findings scientists come up with.

Music Reduces Cortisol levels.

Cortisol emerges when our body experiences to much stress. This hormone helps our body cope up with the overwhelming events that is happening in our surroundings. But too much of this hormone can also affect our body’s performance in overall. With that being said, the scientist find out that music lowers the cortisol levels in our body. They have seen this effect to with the adults they were conducting research with. They also seen that this effects of lowering the cortisol levels in our body will occur regardless of the music genre.

Music can be used in treating mental health.

Music has been used for a long time in curing Alzheimer’s disease. Now, music can also help for the treatment of Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder, and major depression issues. They found out that 68.5% of the music-based interventions had positive results.


Music helps you fall asleep.

Researchers shows that 62% of the people who joined their research leads to the reports that music helps them fall asleep faster. This people are found out using different types of genres of music. They said that music helps them fall asleep faster because of the feeling of being relaxed and makes them distracted from the daily stressors that they encounter with their everyday life.

Music helps people to cope up with the pandemic.

When the pandemic started most of the people were locked inside their homes for almost a year, some areas of the world lasted for almost one year and a half before they can get outside of their houses. For that long period of time, people stayed inside their homes accompanied with music. Researchers showed a result that people who accompanied their day with music to cope up during lock down has meet their well-being goals as well as cope up with their mental health regardless of race, gender, and age.


Music helps you to focus.

Most of us tend to create a playlist for work, or playlist for studying, or working out. This shows that music has great effects when it comes to the persons ability to focus. Research shows that people who listens to music while doing a stressful job that needs their full attention tends to focus more, compared to those who doesn’t.

Music can help us to grow in every step of our way. Maybe in our mental health, focus, or even with our sleep. With different genres of music, or best to say, the song that your very like to listen to. We can move forward in our daily lives as long as we carry music in our every step.


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