MXCode Review: Know About Changing Your GPS Location on the Phone

Have you ever wanted to change your location from the phone because you don’t want anyone to see you? Well, then I guess we are in the same boat. Other than that, we cannot get access to the games like Pokemon Go which is quite disappointing. This game is not in my region which I hate. Also, when I use Netflix, I want to watch other famous TV shows but unfortunately, I cannot because of my region. I am sure including me, many people must have tried to get an authentic location changer app and tried to download it. But, what if I tell you that I have a single solution to all of these problems?

MXCode is one of the reliable software where you can change your location on your android device or an iPhone. Many of us must have downloaded a VPN to get access to a certain website or a game. However, you can now download the FakeLoc App from MXCod software which is a life changer. It has all of the solutions to your location-changing matters.

FakeLoc App for Spoofing Your Location

People like me often lie to our friends or family about being somewhere else other than our exact location. However, this technique does not get much success as they ask for proof. Hence, the FakeLoc app is the best app for faking your GPS location on the phone. For this, you need to download the app from the software on your computer. You will be needing a computer to get this app as you cannot download it directly on your phone. After downloading the app from the computer, you can simply change your location to anywhere in the world.

With this feature, no one will ever know that you are faking your GPS location and will believe what you say. It has helped me a lot multiple times so I hope you will be amazed by the app just like me. Moreover, this feature works for Pokemon Go and to get access to the Netflix shows by being in another region. This app also has some amazing features like you can put your location on jogging or walking mode. This way, whoever checks your location will see that you are traveling from one place to another. Lastly, you must switch back to your original location after the changes to avoid any further difficulties.


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