New Custom Packaging Trends For 2020

Packaging industry is in motion from the start and there is nothing that can stop it from flourishing. Custom boxes have released all the chains that were holding people back from bringing their imaginations into reality. Custom packaging is available in every size, shape, and design for every type of product that is needed to be sold.

Packaging Trends

Packaging trends are changing with the passage of time. The trend is everything when it comes to packaging. Innovation, advancement, creativity, originality, and hard work are the words you are familiar with. Combine these and see your packaging breaking all the records.

Brands are always on a run to find a way to get ahead of their competitors in their respective markets. So, there is no way to stop creating new and improved packaging for your customers.

2020 has already been so exciting so far and the packaging industry as usual is not behind in bringing new innovations in custom packaging that serves all the purposes. Changing consumer and environmental needs impact the packaging and the trends this year are more on the functional side of custom packing boxes like;


People have been hearing about sustainable packaging for a long time but this year the most significant packaging trend that prevails is sustainable packaging. Awareness is a blessing which made people more conscious about the traces they leave on the planet and the ways they affect nature.

Brands and companies have replaced their non-recyclable and non-ecofriendly packaging with bio-degradable packaging alternatives like paperboard and hemp. It was necessary to take this step as plastic and non-biodegradable packaging has been responsible for the death of wild and marine life on a large scale. The other reason that fueled this trend is that people now have stopped buying from the companies that use non-environmental friendly packaging.

Custom boxes are all made up of paperboard and kraft paper which is 100% recyclable, eco-friendly, and leaves zero waste behind without compromising the quality of the packing. Now finding sustainable custom boxes in wholesale is not difficult as with the changing trend everyone has switched to paperboard packaging.


Trend of using huge decorative boxes has almost come to extinction as they take a lot of space. They are of no use except laying around in the attic for years or in the backyard.

This modern era is all about functionality of custom boxes. The packaging that is attractive, eye-catching, beautiful, easy to use, and store is in demand. For instance, boxes that protect and sell the product and can be used as a storage box is a hit rather than a box that does nothing. Foldable boxes, resizable pouches, and adaptable shapes make it easy to carry, store, and dispose as companies are producing custom packaging bags that have seeds and if planted they grow into a proper plant. The companies that make custom boxes in wholesale provide all kinds of such bags and boxes on customers’ demand.


It is of no surprise that ecommerce has grown faster than the speed of light and dominated the market place, if not completely but to the most. Ecommerce has made it harder for the brands to stand out in the market, which affected the way of packing products. The increase in use of social media has changed the expectations and standards of packaging. Now custom boxes have to be the unboxing material that can make it to the social media feed and walls. The whole packaging has to be carefully analyzed and designed, as too much of it gives environmentally unfriendly reputation and too little of it looks really cheap and not up to the standard.


Simplicity is the key!

Minimalism does not mean to strip packaging of everything on the box, it means cutting down all the unnecessary information to bare essentials. Minimalism is relevance, it means clarity, and it means trust and loyalty. Use of less text and no excessive designs put pressure on the remaining elements like colors, use of empty space, fonts and placing of things on the box.


Packaging in 2020 is do or die. It’s trendy and up-to-date which needs brands to be constantly being aware of the changing styles of custom packaging and consumer behavior, unable to do so gives a dated and dreary vibe which is not acceptable in today’s world of keeping up with the trends.

Another option is to take a U-turn and go where it all started and this is what most of the brands are doing in custom packaging and it really went good this year.

Nostalgia is what makes the Vintage packaging so popular. It reminded consumers of their roots and their past. Vintage looking rose-gold patterns and use of warm toned blues and reds as a theme gave customers a feeling of authenticity and trust. Originality is what matters and vintage designing is the best way to remind customers of what they have been forgetting.

Interactive Packaging

Interactive packaging is also gaining huge attention these days. It is a type of packaging that keeps the customers indulged in packaging from the start until the end of the unboxing of custom boxes. This is what brands need; keeping all the interest and attention of the customers towards their product. Custom boxes in wholesale can be designed according to the choice of a company at the most affordable rates. Custom boxes in wholesale not only give the best rates but use a material that is eco-friendly and helps in improving the condition of the environment. Getting custom boxes in wholesale does not mean it will be any less in quality than any other packaging material.


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