Nuts and Bolts about a Raglan T-Shirt

A raglan t-shirt, such as Next Level 6051 is also known as a “baseball t-shirt”. A raglan t-shirt never goes out of style; for the same reason, a raglan t-shirt is a very popular style of a t-shirt in the USA (United States of America). One cannot challenge the popularity of baseball tees, as baseball is a very famous game that is played in America. A raglan t-shirt is classic, clean, and cool; it is a nostalgic wardrobe staple. Moreover, it has an interesting history. A question may come to your mind: What exactly is a raglan t-shirt?

What Exactly Is a Raglan T-Shirt?

How is the name Raglan derived from? It is derived from the style of a shirt rather than the fabric it is made up of. The raglan tee is characterized by the sleeves that extend all the way to the collar and neckline in lieu of ending at the shoulder. The sleeves of a raglan t-shirt are of a different color than the rest of the t-shirt. Initially, the raglan tee was launched in a three-quarter sleeve that was either red, blue, or black. Today, you can uncover raglan t-shirts in a variety of sleeves colors 

A Brief History of a Raglan T-Shirt:

The history of a raglan tee has startling origins, and it dates back to 1815; when the “Battle of Waterloo” was fought. In that battle, “Lord Raglan” wore a coat with the raglan sleeve to allow for impeccable and unrestricted movement.

Raglan Tees Today:

The raglan t-shirt like Next Level 6051 is not just popular among fashion enthusiasts these days. It takes us to the sports, “Major League Baseball”. The baseball players wear a raglan t-shirt under the team jersey. A raglan tee is also known as a baseball tee owing to its association with the game of baseball. So raglan t-shirts occupy a prominent place today among fashion enthusiasts and baseball players.

What Is the Difference Between the Raglan Tee and Other Types of T-Shirts?

Raglan t-shirts characterize a sleeve type that is, different than the other common sleeves t-shirts; such as the drop sleeve (like the set-in sleeve, as it features a seam from the underarm to the shoulder) or a set-in sleeve (stitched in the shoulder, as opposed to the neck). By the difference, a raglan sleeve is a non-stop part of the fabric that expands from the collar of the t-shirt to the underarm; and it creates a fascinating seam.

Advantages of a Raglan T-Shirt:

There are some obvious benefits for wearers to wear a raglan t-shirt. Here are the benefits that the wearers can experience by putting on a raglan t-shirt:

  1. The raglan sleeve t-shirt provides a pliable shoulder movement to its wearers.
  1. If you have well-defined shoulders, then the raglan sleeve will show them charmingly without the interruption of a stitched seam.
  1. The raglan sleeve accommodates a variety of different body shapes and sizes.
  1. The raglan sleeve can give wearers relaxed, sporty, and perfect casuals.
  1. The raglan sleeve can be layered with the clothing items quite easily.

The Fit and the Fabric:

The sleeves of the raglan tee actually symbolize a raglan tee. The fit and the style of a raglan t-shirt are mainly responsible for the popularity of raglan t-shirts. Raglan tees have a relaxed and comfy fit; they are perfect for wearing day after day as casual wear or sportswear. Baseball players go for raglan tees, as raglan t-shirts fit comfortably on them.

The raglan t-shirts come in a variety of different fabric blends. The most popular fabric blend for raglan t-shirts is 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon. One of the top-selling tri-blend raglan t-shirts is Next Level 6051. The raglan t-shirts can also be made up of 100% cotton or 100% polyester, or other fleece blends.

To Sum Up…

The raglan t-shirts are a very popular style of t-shirts, as they never go out of style. In simple words, a raglan t-shirt is classic, clean, and cool at the same time. The question is: What exactly a raglan tee? It is a t-shirt that is characterized by the sleeves that expands to the collar and neckline instead of ending at the shoulder. There is a brief history that is associated with the origin of raglan t-shirts.

Nowadays, raglan t-shirts are not only the choice of baseball players. Even many fashion enthusiasts are after raglan t-shirts. There is an obvious difference between the raglan sleeve and the set-in sleeve & the drop-in sleeve. One obvious functional benefit of the raglan t-shirt is that they provide a flexible shoulder movement to their wearers. Lastly, the raglan tee is symbolized through its sleeve, and the most popular fabric for tri-blend raglan t-shirts are 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon.


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