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If in the past the job search process took days or weeks and the job seekers had to find the companies’ websites one by one and check if there were any vacancies, today, thanks to specialized job search platforms, it has become possible to significantly reduce that period and expand the selection opportunities. The goal of the Ukrainian IT-company Jooble is to reduce this process to 24 hours. 


Jooble, founded in 2006, is one of the largest job-post aggregators of the world that collects job ads from thousands of different sites, job boards, recruiter pages and presents them in one web database. Today, the company’s employees are jokingly called Jooble “Google for jobs search”.


The simple procedure developed by Jooble helps employers and job seekers to quickly and easily find both talents and the desired work. Every day, over 1.8 million people around the world search for work using Jooble. 

Jooble operates in 71 countries, and its interface is translated into 25 languages. The monthly audience of the resource is 53.3 million users. New jobs are added every second. 

Jooble has one mission – to help people all over the world find work.


You can start your job search on the site by entering a job title, city, or other keywords. In addition, there are several other filters that group ads by date, post, salary, work experience, location, and type of job. Internships, part-time, distance, and freelance works are also indexed, creating wider opportunities. By clicking on the ad you are interested in, you redirect to the home page, ie the page of the relevant company, where the terms and conditions of employment are written in detail. 


What Are The Features And Advantages Of Using Jooble?


  • As a job aggregator, Jooble provides job postings to its users from thousands of sources, making it even more realistic to find a job that meets the candidate’s requirements in a short period of time. As for the employers, Jooble has created very favorable conditions for them as well. Millions of monthly site visits ensure that their jobs reach out to a maximum number of candidates. 


  • There are many tools on the site that make the job search process easier for visitors. With these advanced tools, individuals are able to filter ads by location, skills and preferences, qualifications, requirements, and salary structure. The site also has Employer accounts, Labor market, Matching Engine, Free posting, and Resume Search and Posting tools, which put the site at a higher level of efficiency.


Employers can create accounts and advertise their vacancies through the website. Also, as we mentioned, job seekers can post their resumes for free. The site has features that allow the resumes to match the preferences of the employers. Moreover, Jooble regularly sends job alerts to all candidates whose education and skills meet job requirements. It is a good opportunity not to be late and apply immediately for the appropriate vacancies.


How To Post A Job On Jooble?

If you want to post your job opening you must create a Jooble account. And in order to be eligible to post Job ads, you should confirm your account registration at your email address. Then you can place your jobs on Jooble by following the vacancy designer’s instructions. Jobsoid lets you post your jobs on Jooble for free. You just have to create a job post on Jobsoid and publish it. It will be installed in Jooble with just one click, as Jobsoid is directly integrated with Jooble for job placement. In addition, Jooble offers Premium posting which allows employers to sponsor their jobs and more quickly and effectively reach out to their desired audiences.


Jooble is a fast-growing, innovative company constantly evolving with new ideas. Jooble has been trusted by employers and job seekers in dozens of countries for many years.

During one of the interviews, the Jooble team tried to summarize the purpose and mission of the company in the following words: ”We created Jooble to save time and energy for both job seekers and employers, enabling people to find the desired job from a single query. The variety of tools and filters in our advanced search can satisfy even the most demanding “gourmets”. Our team is constantly working in order to make a job search as simple and convenient as possible. Jooble is being fine-tuned on a regular basis, as we add new services and features. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions on how to improve Jooble. However, as it says: “A picture paints a thousand words”. So better, try using Jooble instead of reading about it! Have a great Jooble experience!”.



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