What Is The Usage Of A Periosteal Elevator In Human?

Dental elevators are used in human and veterinary oral surgical procedures. This instrument is a crucial part of tooth extraction procedures. Its job is to expand the alveolar bone near the tooth particles and sever the periodontal ligament as well. It is available in plenty of variations. In this post, we will explore periosteal elevator and other essential luxating tools. In terms of design, it comprises three parts: shank, handle and blade on the tool’s tip. The blade is made for cutting the periodontal ligament. Likewise, this instrument makes the job of forceps easier as they support before the tooth extraction.

Additionally, there are fewer chances of tooth fracture if the dentist uses a luxation before forceps or other oral instruments. However, a fracture of the tooth can cause unbearable pain. Therefore, this invention among the technical oral gears is highly accommodating for the dentists and patients because they loosen up the tooth roots for easy extraction.

An effective tooth particle luxation is possible when the elevator applies force to the tooth particle by the tip for sectioning and removing bone in the surgical region. Likewise, the controlled extraction practices get facilitation with an oral operative microscope for magnifying the oral surgery field.

What Are Periosteal Elevators Used For?

This surgical periosteal elevator tool is made for luxating teeth by imparting forces to the tooth particles. This instrument will expand the tooth sockets for feasible tooth extraction without damaging the adjoining tissues and teeth. Moreover, this instrument can lift the layers of delicate tissue flaps.

However, the tips of the dental periosteal elevators require additional protection to keep them sharp. With slight negligence, the flap can shred. It has some common types: molt p9, molt 2, and molt 4. In fact, the flaps of periosteal elevator surgical instruments make the surgical site highly visible and spacious for doing the surgery competently.

Various Types Of Periosteal Elevators Used In Dentistry

Let’s look at the periosteal elevating instruments built with German stainless material and versatile specifications!

Modified Woodson Periosteal Elevator 1

This instrument comes with a modified tip pattern, and it is highly sharp and thin to make the elevation of tissues precise. Moreover, it has a double-ended structure to make the tooth elevation more effective and less time-consuming.

Freer Periosteal Elevator

This instrument can lift the periosteum layer from the bones in narrower spaces. Furthermore, it is obtainable in various sizes and features an ergonomic double-ended structure.

Kramer Periosteal Elevator N152

It is made to lift the tissues from the bones in dentistry practices. It also has an octagonal handle and sharp tips to assist the dentist in tooth extractions.

Usage In Oral Procedures

The periosteal elevating surgical instruments assist in the maxillofacial and oral procedures. When used accurately, it can provide the best exposure to the operating field, which is undoubtedly a crucial step in any surgery. More than that, the variations in this instrument make them suitable for various surgical sites. Continue reading!

Dental Implants

This is a common maxillofacial procedure that replaces the teeth with synthetic options. Plus, it will remain in the jaw permanently; therefore, it completely replaces the natural tooth and has many cosmetic advantages.

Reparative Surgical Procedure

The surgeons of maxillofacial surgeries can readjust the joints and reconstruct the broken sockets. Plus, if the jaw is broken or damaged, surgeons can repair it using the periosteal elevator and reduce the user’s discomfort.

Skeletal Issues

The periosteal elevators can assist in correcting skeletal issues, including misaligned jaws. If you have any chronic temporomandibular joint ache, you need to visit the maxillofacial surgeon.

Oral, Neck, And Facial Cancer

The maxillofacial surgeons treat neck, facial, and oral cancer as they specialize in removing the tumor without damaging the nerves that link throughout your neck.

The use of a periosteal elevator is not limited to the surgeries mentioned above.

The Conclusion

GerDentUSA is a recognizable surgical instruments manufacturer and supplier. The instruments are available in a plethora of variations. Also, you can get customizable oral surgical instruments as per your requirements. The tools have top-quality German stainless material to remain sharp and blunt for many years. The tools are also highly durable because some variations come with tungsten carbide inserts. We do not compromise on the quality and designs of the oral surgical instruments. Don’t forget to check out our innovative instrument: Dental anglevator, a blend of six dental tools to make tooth elevation and extractions efficient and easier.


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