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Whether you are preparing to renovate a new home or simply looking to refresh an existing home, PeterJohn Interiors has the knowledge, products, and services to make your project a success. They have been in business for more than thirty years, supplying quality furnishings and home furnishings to both residential and commercial customers. They specialize in a number of areas, including fabrics, curtains, and soft furnishings. They are happy to help you find the perfect furnishings to fit your style and budget.

Vertical blinds

Having vertical blinds in your home or office is a great way to improve your lighting, as well as your privacy. They are also an effective way to partition spaces, such as rooms or offices, and can also be used on glazed or glass sliding doors. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles and are a practical choice for almost any space.

Vertical blinds are also an effective way to block light coming in from the outside. They are especially useful for glazed doors, such as French and bifold doors, but they can also be used on the floor to ceiling windows. You may want to consider having a professional install your blinds, as they will need to be treated properly.

Venetian blinds

Whether you’re looking for blinds, curtains, soft furnishings, or wallpaper, PeterJohn Interiors in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire offers a huge variety of products. The company’s modern collection features designer fabrics and beautiful patterns. They have two showrooms, one in Aylesbury and one in Berkhamstead. Their products include fabrics, pelmets, paint, soft furnishing,s and Venetian blinds. They also offer furniture renovation services.

Venetian blinds are available in a wide range of colors, finishes, and control options. You can choose between electric, cordless or traditional cord operation. You can also choose from a range of slat sizes. There are also blinds available in wood, metal, and decorative perforations. Decorative perforations offer the added option of a decorative border on the top and bottom of the slats.


Providing a one-stop shop for all your soft furnishings and interior needs, Peter John is a family business that has been around for over 30 years. Their extensive range of curtains, blinds, pelmets, and upholstery has made them a household name in the region. They are also experts in furniture renovation and refurbishment and offer a large selection of wall coverings.

The company’s website claims it is one of the UK’s most trusted retailers of soft furnishings. As a result, its customers have the peace of mind of knowing they’re in good hands. Aside from its vast range of fabrics, the company also offers a selection of swags, pelmets, and curtain rods. It’s also home to a large collection of contemporary designs and patterns.

Soft furnishings

Whether you’re after a new look for your home or looking for a new design to complement your existing interior, Peter John Interiors soft furnishings offers a wide variety of high-quality products. You can choose from a large selection of fabrics, swags, pelmets, and handmade curtains. The company also offers furniture renovation services, wall coverings, and upholstery. Located in Aylesbury and Berkhamstead, Peter John has two showrooms where you can get advice and design help. Peter John is a family business and has been in business for over thirty years. You can find more information about their products on their website.

The store in Berkhamsted recently underwent a renovation, and the new design made the store more appealing to customers. The new design focuses on enhancing independent browsing and improving the navigation of the store. In addition, the store features an informal seating area, which provides a more welcoming atmosphere. This helped increase dwell time and encouraged basket spending.

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