Point cards in South Korea

Point cards(also called reward cards or membership cards) are very popular among Koreans because they can help them save money when shopping in department stores, bookstores, movie theaters, etc. With these point cards, you can get discounts, get the latest information about special deals, and even get free gifts as card rewards. Most of these point cards can be used in various chain stores by swiping a card or quickly scanning with a mobile phone and as a member of the point card system, you can even get special discounts and special promotions.

Ziptoss is a Korean real estate company that provides housing options for foreigners so that they can live in Korea for a long or short-term stay. We also provide foreigners with guides and information about Korean culture, traditions, and lifestyle. So in this article, Ziptoss will be briefly discussing how you can use your point cards in South Korea.

How to register for a point card?

To register for a point card, you can either register online on the store’s website, or you can register in person at their customer service desk, depending on the store. When registering for a point card, you need to provide your name, phone number, address, and usually, your ID/passport/foreigner registration number to confirm that the information you’ve given is legitimate. If you register your membership card in person, the customer service desk will help you fill out the form when you need it. In some cases, you will need to activate your membership card online and accurately enter the card number you received. However, just because you have a membership card does not mean that you are a full member.

Types of point cards in South Korea

  • Department store point card

You will have to fill in the registration form at the customer service center to get a department store point card. One of the department store point cards that anyone can use is the Lotte point card or L.POINT card. L.POINT is a comprehensive membership card that can earn and use points at any franchise store, restaurant, theater, etc. When the store has special events, it is best to have a department store point card, because the point cardholders can get better points than those who don’t have it.

  • Cosmetics membership card

Korean cosmetics and skincare products are popular all over the world, but sometimes they are quite expensive. Many cosmetic stores, such as Etude House(most popular), Aritaum, Olive Young, and Innisfree, also have point cards, each with different benefits. Also, each location in South Korea has a variety of benefits, depending on which card you have.

  • Cinema/Movie theater point card

Each cinema/movie theater has different requirements for obtaining a membership card. One of the more famous movie theaters, CGV, requires foreigners to provide a foreigner registration number in order to apply for a point card.

  • Bookstore point card

Most bookstores are divided into three membership levels based on the amount of money you spend in the bookstore: Platinum, Prime, and General. For each purchase, 6%, 5%, and 3% of the purchase amount can be used for the next purchase or to gain some points. Members can also come with at least one free two-hour parking ticket, depending on your membership level.


  • CJ One card

One of the most popular points cards in Korea is the CJ ONE card, which can accumulate points for all CJ brands such as CGV, CJ E&M, Olive Young, Tous Les Jours, and Bibigo.


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