Presents Every Teacher Appreciates After a Long School Year

For most teachers, we’re fast approaching the time of year they finally get to relax and take a breath. They’ve worked hard all school year long teaching the next generation, and now it’s time to recharge their batteries before doing it all over again in the autumn. You want to get something to thank your child’s teacher, but don’t want them to dislike the gift. So, what do teachers actually appreciate?

Gifts with Meaning

Rather than rifling through the cupboard for an unconsumed bottle of wine, take the time to think of a gift that will really make your child’s teacher feel appreciated. Something personal always goes down well – a mug with their name on it, for example. Or, if you’re feeling crafty, how about a homemade card? A heartfelt message from you and your child expressing how much they enjoyed the year and what they learned.

Alternatively, get a special certificate or another personalised gift from Little Gems. While wine and chocolate are always appreciated, they soon disappear. Therefore, think about getting something that the teacher can use or display in their classroom as a reminder of your appreciation.

Joint Present

Rather than buying presents individually, can all parents club together and get something more significant? It shows that you are all in this together and united in your appreciation. It also saves money for everyone involved. For example, this could be a gift voucher for a meal in a restaurant, a cinema trip, or another experience.

Gift Voucher

If you are stuck for ideas, a voucher is always a great option. It can be used to buy whatever the teacher likes, whether that’s a new book, clothes, or something else entirely. These days, you’ll find vouchers for all sorts of different places, so there’s bound to be something that takes the teacher’s fancy.

Personal Note

Another option is to write a personal note expressing your appreciation. This could be a card, letter, or even an email. It’s a thoughtful gesture that will be sure to put a smile on the teacher’s face, especially if they’ve had a tough year. If you don’t have much money to spend, this is a great option that won’t cost you a penny.


Every year, it seems like school supplies get more and more expensive. As a result, many teachers must spend their own money on things like pens, paper, and glue sticks. A nice gift for a teacher would be a voucher to spend at their favourite stationery store, or even just a few new pens and notebooks. It might seem boring to you, but your child’s teacher will be thrilled.


Rather than just buying an arbitrary gift, another idea is to ask your child what they think their teacher would like. They spend more time with them than you do, after all. Chances are, they will have some great ideas. The gift will mean much more to the teacher knowing that your child has specifically chosen it as opposed to you feeling obliged to buy a gift.

We’ve all had those teachers who made a real difference in our lives, so make sure to show your child’s teacher how much you appreciate them this year. They deserve it!




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