Proxy browser – What is it?

Any web browser a device uses to connect to a proxy server from which they access a website or platform is a proxy browser. This means you are not connecting the site straight from your device and so you are remaining anonymous as you use the internet. It is a great way to stay private and secure. Usually, when someone uses the internet the device will send a request to the site you want to look at and a server then processes it. Then it sends the website back to the device you are on. But when you use a proxy browser there is a proxy server the request is processed with so it is not your IP address showing and that website cannot trace where you really were viewing from or your information as a result.

Many users can benefit

It might sound just like something hackers might use. But it is not just a thing for grey or black uses. It is something that can benefit a lot of people. Legal services might use it as a way to protect the data they look at to protect themselves and their clients for example. You can protect yourself from websites tracking you, collecting information on you and using that without your permission. It is also a way users can boost security. You can use it to scan files incoming to prevent any threat to your devices. The proxy acts as a middleman protecting you from anything or anyone trying to access your own devices.

Two options for a proxy server

When it comes to the server you might have a program installed and you might have a separate computer for it. Then you can search online for a proxy site and when you find it, you can enter the page address you want to look at and the website will contact you while shielding your information and identity. Or with a proxy server, you can use the IP address of the server and configure a browser to direct searches to that server and then from there out keeping your identity hidden.

Have more control

When you use a proxy browser you have a lot more control over everything. Control over who sees your searches, control over what content comes into your device. You can have filters set up so it fully blocks certain types of sites straight away. If it does not meet the criteria you have entered then the proxy will block it. That control means you and what you look at online is private. A lot of people think their searches are more private than they really are. With a proxy browser, you can better achieve that.


As well as using a proxy browser another consideration is a reverse proxy which is the name suggests does the opposite thing. Instead of protecting your computer’s identity from the serve, it actually protected the server’s identity from your computer. It is basically an option for those who have a server that want to shield its identity from the users.



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