PUBG Mobile: Basic Features you should know all about

Let’s speak about the game itself first before we get into the primary features that PUBG Mobile has to offer. Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds Mobile, or PUBG Mobile for short, is a popular video game that can be played on mobile devices.

The game was originally designed to be played on personal computers (PCs), but on March 23, 2017, the game’s original proprietor, Brendan Greene, converted it to be played on mobile devices.

You have the option to select a map before beginning the game and then land in a random location. You will be able to combat other players, pick up weapons and health items, and loot chests there.

The following is a list of some of the most fundamental and essential components of PUBG Mobile:

The in-game equivalent of money

In the same manner, you may use real-world money to purchase the in-game currency of several other games.

The initial one is UC, which serves as the primary form of currency. Alongside it, a brand new currency known as AG will also be available (Ace Gold). It gives you the ability to purchase a variety of skins, each of which is unique and entertaining.

PUBG Mobile Royal Pass

You need to update the game with a new RP whenever a season comes to a conclusion (Royal Pass). In an RP, you can get some brand new and interesting gifts. You also have the option to buy the Elite RP for 600 uc, which entitles you to a greater number of unique goodies.

Coupons and Crates are Available

Since the start of the game, there have been four primary crates, which are as follows:

  • Premium
  • Classic
  • Supply
  • Box for Soldiers

There are also some special boxes that are given away during special events such as the Global Championship, the New Year event, Ramadan, and Easter, as well as when two teams collaborate on a mission.

You can acquire premium and classic crates in one of two ways: either by collecting and combining 10 coupons for each crate or by spending UC to purchase them. In the vast majority of cases, UC is spent on purchasing special event boxes.

Spins, Draws, and Vouchers

Special draws and spins are also added, in addition to the already existing special events. These are typically redeemed using the UC when given the opportunity. You can even receive coupons for UC that give you a discount.

You can also obtain the coupon that grants you a larger discount by spinning more frequently or drawing more frequently.

Silver Fragments

In addition, silver fragments can be utilized to acquire a variety of various goods throughout the game. Each day, you are allowed to purchase a maximum of 25 silver pieces from the Shop.

Cards for the Table

In the game, players have the option of utilizing a wide variety of various room cards. A one-time room card can be purchased from either the Clan Shop or the UC. Additionally, there are “Advanced room cards” that can be modified as well as “Tournament room cards” that are analogous to the former.

Upgradable Skins

You have the ability to upgrade specific special vehicle skins or gun skins, as well as different costumes, each of which comes with a variety of special effects that are both distinctive and highly enjoyable.

Players of the mobile version of PUBG

Only four characters—Victor, Carlo, Sara, and Andy—have been presented to the audience at this point in the story. During the course of an event, players will have access to other characters for a brief period of time.

In addition, the game introduced players to a new companion that went by the moniker “Falcon.”

Different maps available in PUBG India Game

  1.     Erangle

Erangel is a Classic match that may be played by any player, regardless of their level of experience. On the maps, there are depictions of items like contemporary homes and automobiles, as well as factories, ports, cities, and rural communities.

In addition, during a battle, a variety of goods, including weapons, healing supplies, throwables, vehicles, and others, can be discovered and utilized from a variety of locations.

  1.     Miramar

A map with the qualities that Miramar has, such as high and low ridges, mountains, cliffs, and other terrain, has a distinct feeling. In addition to houses and churches and power plants and other landmarks, this comprehensive map of the desert depicts a variety of interesting features.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that it is a desert, you may discover several unusual automobiles there. This will include a six-seater bus or a Mirado, which is a lengthy car that can be difficult to drive but is nevertheless enjoyable in some respects.

  1.     Sanhok

On other maps, such as Sanhok, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a vast natural forest, with some ancient homes that feature statues and sculptures inside. It is a totally different map from Miramar, but it suffers from the same issue with vehicles.

Thus, it contains some hard vehicles that are difficult to drive, as well as additional vehicles such as a “scooter” instead of a bike and a “tukshai.”


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