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Purchase Tips for Baby Clothing

Shopping for baby clothes is one of the most fun and rewarding tasks in motherhood. Usually, when we are expecting a baby, one of our favorite moments is buying her/his first clothes.

We often get carried away by emotion and buy many things, then we realize that we don’t need almost anything of what we have acquired.

Although this emotion inevitably makes us compulsive when buying, it is important to take into account some recommendations to acquire the most suitable clothing for the first months of the baby’s life. You can consider baby clothing stores in Canada as there are many new collections, especially for babies.


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Plan and Stay Focused

Making a list before leaving home or before entering the virtual store is a good idea. Keep in mind that the clothes you buy now, with so much love and emotion, will only be worn for a few months. We know it’s complicated… But try to limit your shopping for baby to what you noted on your list.

1. SHOES ARE NOT VERY USEFUL FOR NEWBORNS. Don’t be tempted to buy shoes for a newborn. Most likely, they constantly fall out and do not feel comfortable. You can opt for knitted ankle boots or, better yet, for pants with feet so that they do not lose their socks.

2. THE SOCKS must be of your size, neither bigger nor smaller, because they can damage the foot. Socks are an essential garment too, both in winter and summer, babies lose a lot of heat through the feet and the head.

3. For the first months of your baby’s life, GARMENTS WITH CLASPS, VELCRO OR ELASTIC ADJUSTMENTS ARE IDEAL, AND IF THEY ARE FASTENED IN THE FRONT, THE BETTER. You have to incorporate automatic snaps (snaps on the neck, snaps on the crotch …); to make it much easier to change them. At the time of a diaper change, you will only have to undress him from the waist down.

4. BASIC GARMENTS, IN PACKS. BODYSUITS, T-shirts, leggings or tights, socks … They are essential, and we need more than one. Wholesale baby clothes usually offer several cotton garments packages, with different designs and colors, which are much cheaper than if they are bought separately.

5. CHOOSE QUALITY FABRICS FOR THE SENSITIVE SKIN OF THE BABY. Cotton is the most recommended by dermatologists and pediatricians in the first months since newborns have very sensitive skin, which reduces the chances of allergies. Besides, cotton provides comfort to your baby due to its softness and freshness.

6. THINK ABOUT SAVINGS. Before buying baby clothes on impulse, check prices. Don’t forget to evaluate quality and comfort but also to save as a decisive factor when choosing.

7. Another important point when you go to buy wholesale baby clothes is the SIZE OF THE PIECES. Do not buy a lot of small-sized clothes because babies grow very fast and will not be able to wear the clothes you bought them right away. Buy at least one size larger. Better that they wear loose clothing than tight.

8. IT IS UNNECESSARY TO HAVE A LOT OF CLOTHING, what you have to look at is the quality. The garments should not itch or scratch, nor should there be any loose threads.

9. LOOK AT THE LABELS ON THE CLOTHES to see if you are interested in the type of washing or detergent required. Something essential and that almost nobody does is pay attention to the inner labels, that they do not rub or bite the baby.

10. BUY IF YOU ONLY NEED IT. Do not buy clothes for the baby “for next year,” or for future seasons, but when he really needs it and is going to wear it. This way, you do not run the risk of losing the garment because it no longer fits.

And as of last advice, if your baby is born in summer you should not forget to buy:

• Cotton bodysuits

• T-shirt and shorts sets

• Short sleeve clothing

• Light summer hats

• Booties (Optional)

• Fresh blankets for the crib

• Lullaby or shawl

If, on the other hand, it is born in winter, do not miss the following:

• Long-sleeved cotton bodysuits

• Sets of t-shirt and long pants

• Warm cotton wool hats

• Knitted booties or socks

• A thermal bag

• Mittens

• Lullaby or shawl


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