Business : Government May Consider Levying TDS TCS on Cryptocurrency Trading

The government has been deciding on taxing cryptocurrency transactions with TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) as well as TCS (Tax Collected at Source). The government, through this scheme, : government may consider levying TDS TCS on cryptocurrency trading,  making the taxation of digital currencies more understandable and organized. For fulfilling this objective, Regulators are examining cryptocurrency taxes closely as they are widely used.

TDS and TCS ideas are in-depth assessments of how they might affect the trading of cryptocurrencies. On approval, the proposal is expected to affect cryptocurrency traders and investors, so there’s a need to comprehend how TDS and TCS will operate and are responsible for impacting cryptocurrency transactions.

Cryptocurrencies- A Basic Idea


Cryptocurrencies serve as digital or virtual tokens relying on encryption to secure and verify transactions. Cryptocurrencies, autonomous of governing banks and governments, include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. The process that is followed is that A network of computers verifies transactions before they get recorded on a blockchain, serving as the decentralized public ledger.

Cryptocurrencies offer benefits, including anonymity, transparency, and low transaction fees. But there are downsides, too, in the form that cryptocurrencies are subject to price volatility, security concerns, and regulatory uncertainty. In this regard, it can be stated that Cryptocurrency trading has been growing popular globally, and there are millions of investors and traders in this market.

The Benefits:

  • Cryptocurrencies provide privacy and anonymity. Compared to conventional banking systems, transactions occur faster and at a lower cost.
  • Fraud and censorship risks decrease in a decentralized system. : The Big Announcement by the Government regarding the Interest Rate Updates!

If the government makes the final decision regarding imposing TDS and TCS on cryptocurrency trading, the traders will need to deal with significant implications, and the rule will go the same for the buyers and sellers. The tax laws imposed require TDS and TCS to be charged, and it will be beneficial for the government making it easy to collect taxes on cryptocurrency from everyone while eliminating the possibility of tax evasion. The government introduced new schemes to ensure t cryptocurrency trading is being followed in compliance with regulations.

Explaining Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) and Tax Collected at Source (TCS)

TDS and TCS are tax collection mechanisms the government uses to assist with tracking and collecting taxes at the source. TDS serves as a deduction of tax at the time of payment, and in this regard, TCS serves as the collection of tax by the seller. The government in this domain ensures collecting taxes, ensuring a steady revenue stream, and reducing tax evasion. Taxes are applicable to various financial transactions, and of them, the important field is cryptocurrency trading.

Applying TDS and TCS

TDS, commonly applied to salaries, interest on deposits, rent, and professional fees, requires the payer to deduct tax from the payment. After that, the payer needs to deposit it with the government. TDS is put to use to ensure the steady flow of revenue for the government throughout the year. Regarding TCS, it can be explained as a tax applicable to the sale of specific goods or services, including alcohol, tobacco, and hotel rooms. In this regard, the seller collects tax during the sale and deposits it.

Prevention of tax evasion with the applicability of TDS and TCS

TCS curb tax evasion, and the process involves ensuring taxes get paid at the source. Cryptocurrency trading serves as part of the gray area coming to tax implications. In this regard, the government has been considering the applicability of TDS and TCS on cryptocurrency transactions. This process is highly beneficial in bringing clarity and structure to the taxation of digital currencies. Also, the aim is the prevention of tax evasion. Cryptocurrency traders and investors need to stay aware of the potential impact of TDS and TCS.

The proposed imposition of TDS and TCS on cryptocurrency trading is going to invite significant implications for investors and traders. So it can be said that TDS and TCS ensure that the government can track and collect taxes on cryptocurrency transactions impacting the profitability of cryptocurrency investments. Also, it can bring the inference that the investors would need to factor in the additional tax liabilities.

Bringing digital currencies under the purview of taxation authorities

Applicability of TDS and TCS on cryptocurrency trading brings digital currencies under the purview of taxation authorities leading to greater scrutiny of cryptocurrency transactions while also guaranteeing increased regulation of the market. Investors and traders also in this regard face additional compliance requirements and regulatory hurdles, impacting the ease of investing in cryptocurrencies. It’s worth noting that the imposition of TDS and TCS brings greater clarity and structure to the taxation of digital currencies, and hence it becomes easier for investors to understand tax liabilities.

Authorizing cryptocurrency trading according to Supreme Court circular

Cryptocurrency trading in India is also associated with uncertainty, and the reason behind the same is the lack of clear regulations from the government regarding the management and taxation of cryptocurrencies. Indian Supreme Court circular in March 2020 authorized cryptocurrency trading, but there is an issue with it in the form that the court has barred banks from offering services to cryptocurrency businesses.

Also, what the traders shouldn’t forget is that the government has not established clear laws and fees to be charged for cryptocurrency trading. News of a possible TDS and TCS levy added to the confusion and speculation in the cryptocurrency community, and this is the reason that traders and investors have grown uncertain about the future of cryptocurrency in India.

Final Conclusion

Regarding “ : government may consider levying TDS TCS on cryptocurrency trading,” we have highlighted the impact of TDS and TCS on Cryptocurrencies. The proposed imposition of TDS and TCS on cryptocurrency trading is going to bring implications for investors and traders. Also, there will be a huge chance of a disastrous impact on the profitability of cryptocurrency investments, bringing greater clarity and structure to the taxation of digital currencies. 

Before getting involved in this business, Cryptocurrency traders and investors need to stay aware of the potential impact of TDS and TCS on their transactions, staying informed regarding the regulatory landscape surrounding cryptocurrencies. The government has been now making tough decisions regarding imposing TDS and TCS on cryptocurrency trading with a long-term impact, but there is no concise proof regarding the same. But till now, it is evident that digital currencies have been becoming an increasingly crucial part of the global financial landscape.


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