Reasons to see a Physiotherapist

Physio West Perth is one of the best treatments for disorders, injuries, disabilities, and diseases.  The physiotherapist will use physical methods to help restore functions to the areas of your body that have been affected or injured.  Having physio can also help to prevent injuries from becoming worse due to a previous area of the body that was affected.  It is a treatment that can be performed on anyone regardless of their age.

Reasons to use Physio

  • Work on posture—there are many reasons that you might have nagging pain popping up here and there but one of the most critical reasons that this could be happening is your posture. Most people do not pay much attention to their posture.  For example, for office workers who sit most of the day if they start to have headaches, it could be due to improper ergonomics, or poor posture.  If you do physio North Perth, you can get advice on how you can set your workstation up to help better improve your posture and help to improve the function of the muscles in your back.  This can help you avoid postural pain in the form of headaches.  They will help with specific exercises that will help to strengthen your postural muscles.
  • Flexibility and stretching—if you are one that sits all day, whether it is driving a big rig or sitting behind a desk, you may not have time to stretch or even think it is important to take time to stretch. If you sit without being active or stretching, for a long period of time, it could cause a tightness in your hamstring and lower back muscle groups.  It can make a big difference in work-related aches and pains if you take time to stretch some during the day.  Physio can help you create a detailed stretching/mobility routine.
  • Complicated surgeries—physio West Perth can help a person heal from a complicated surgery. After some surgeries, you may not be able to exercise or be active for some time so this can result in muscle weakness.  Physio can help you progress through a post-surgical rehab program.  They can help you regain your fitness and muscle strength effectively and safely.
  • Recovering from knee or hip replacement—doing physio a month or two before you have your surgery can help you recover quicker. After surgery, it can help to get your joints to work close to what they were before you had the surgery but without having any pain.
  • Post-partum exercise—physio North Perth can help with this issue to help strengthen areas that have weakened or stretched during your pregnancy. They will help you to safely increase your activity level and help you lose that extra weight.


These are just some of the many reasons you might want to visit a physiotherapist and start physio.  If you are unsure if physio would help, talk to your family physician and get their opinion.  Using physio can help to help improve your mobility and be more independent plus heal faster.


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