Reasons Why You Should Have Houseplants?

Plants are the central part of the life cycle on earth. They are the producers and produce many things. These are important for survival on the planet. The houseplants, as the name suggests, are small enough to be grown inside the house. Some of them are made small from a big tree using bonsai techniques. These plants can be easily bought from the market or buy indoor plants online, and these should be purchased for the following reasons.

To enhance the beauty of the place

There are umpteen houseplants that can be placed inside the house. Some indoor plants have leaves of colors other than general green color, some have flowers of distinct color and size, and some are beautiful because of their unique shape. Aglaonema is an indoor plant having pink and light green leaves. The leaves of fittonia are in pink and red color. Cryptanthus is also a plant, the leaves of which are not in the usual green color. These plants get some amount of sunlight; otherwise, the shade their leaves would turn into green.

Many indoor plants can have blooms on them, and these blooms can last for one to two months. Anthurium, Gloxinia, Kalanchoe, Christmas cactus etc. are examples of these. Your home can look attractive to the guests with these flowering plants. Many plants have unique shaped leaves like Monstera; some of them have a pattern of holes. Similarly, there are rosette-shaped houseplants like Echeveria, a light-colored plant and adored by people who prefer light color. It has smooth and spoons like leaves.

To purify and refreshes the air inside the home

It is scientifically proven that plants can purify the air and increase oxygen levels in the air. Fiddly fig, Areca palm, zz plant, rubber plant, lucky bamboos are some examples of air purifier houseplants. Fiddly fig also removes fungus from the house along with eliminating chemicals from the air. Areca palm removes harmful chemicals from the air, and it does not require direct sunlight. ZZ plant helps in removing chemicals that are released from the burning of fuels. Rubber plants that grow in moist soil remove chemicals that are released from different kinds of paints. A bamboo plant that can clear the air is also considered lucky. 

To spend fewer resources

Once they bring these plants either from the market or order plants online, they do not spend much on their care. The fertilizers can be prepared at home using kitchen waste; hence there is no need to get costly fertilizers from the market. Some indoor plants are not watered daily, therefore best for those with limited water supply. Some of them are even kept in shady areas; thus, they can have this solution for growing plants in those homes where sunlight cannot reach.     

To use as herbs and medicines

There are some indoor plants like Aloe Vera, which can cure many skin-related problems like acne, dandruff, sunburn, etc. Many skin creams and cosmetics products have aloe Vera as one of the main ingredients. Some people also cook this or eat it raw owing to the health benefits of Aloe Vera. It is considered to be beneficial for diabetic patients. Other indoor plants are used in medicines and consumed in spices in food like oregano plant, ginger plant, and mint plant, a basil plant, etc. These are natural medicines having no side effects.

To learn the skill of gardening

One can master the skill of gardening by having knowledge about planting and caring for these plants. This can be a useful hobby as one can utilize one’s free time doing gardening even inside the house. Anyone can find it interesting to beautify their places and can feel joyful after doing this.

The reason why people live in fewer areas is the population as there can be more count of people living in that place than required. People from rural areas migrate to urban areas to get more facilities like schooling, work, etc. Accordingly, cities, particularly metropolitan cities, are highly populated and live on less space than required. In these places, they can plant houseplants to protect themselves from the pollution of these overcrowded places. These plants serve many purposes because they can decorate your house along with purifying the air.


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