Requirements when Moving Interstate in Australia

Every year 15% of Australians making a move are moving interstate. Moving homes is already a difficult time and when you add to that the added requirements an interstate move has, it makes planning even more important. Moving interstate costs are also higher so things like preparing your budget will need to take this into account. It is the case that different states have different rules and laws and regulations to follow which is something to look into. Here are just some of the things to take care of to help with the process.

Create a comprehensive checklist for moving

Having a moving checklist is really one of the best ways to ensure it goes smoothly because you can add to it as you think of things, cross things out as you are finished and order it according to how far in advance you need to do something. Things on it will include registering the change of address, changing banks, schools, doctors, vets, license, packing plans, finding and booking a moving company, finding and booking car/vehicle transportation.

Do your homework on schools if relevant

On one hand, moving schools is less of an issue when you take into account there is a national curriculum that teachers and schools follow. When the kids move from one state to another they will still learn what they need to and not miss anything. But you still need to know what schools are options in the area you are moving to and then make sure everything is transferred that needs to be.

Make sure you update your driver’s license and car registration

Every state has different regulations for this so look at what your new state requires. Different states will have different document requirements as well. Moving interstate costs when it comes to fees also vary. In most cases, you have three months to change your license but check that out.

Update the electoral roll

In case you were not aware, it is compulsory whatever state you are living in, to register on the electoral roll and to vote. Make sure you inform the AEC of your move otherwise you face fines.

Check what is allowed to cross into another state

There are strict quarantine laws and this applies not just to coming in from another country but also to moving from one state to another. It is not a good idea to bring plants, animal products and other things that might contain contaminants such as farming equipment and gardening equipment across state lines.

Work out a budget for moving

Having a moving budget is a good way to not have to juggle financial costs you were not expecting during an already tough time. Moving interstate costs are more than moving within the same state. Work out the budget so you know what is coming. Hiring removalists, moving vehicles, cleaners, paying for changes in address with various people, and more. Then you have to get yourself to the new place whether that is a train or bus ticket, petrol money or a plane ticket.


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