RoboForex Spread: Compare It With Other Services


If you search for the cheapest online brokers on the Web, you will definitely come across RoboForex as its rates are among the lowest. Besides, you will find out that, in addition to affordable fees, it can boast a decent business image and an exhaustive selection of assets and tools. Thus, we believe you will be interested to learn more details about it.

Let us discuss its trading fees first as they have a direct influence on how much you can earn. Its fees depend on the account type and the sum of a deal. In addition to a spread, in some cases, one is also supposed to pay a separate trading commission:

  •         Pro-Standard Account — spreads from 1.3 pips;
  •         ECN Pro — from 0.0 pips (+ commission of $20 per $1 million);
  •         Prime — from 0.0 pips (+ $15 per $1 million);
  •         Pro-Cent — from 1.3 pips;
  •         R Trader — from 0.01 pip (+ $1.5 minimum fee).

Sure, to get an objective opinion on whether RoboForex spread is cheap enough, it is crucial to compare it with rates offered by other brokers. In general, we can conclude that its trading fees are among the most attractive on the market. So, it is cheaper than Forex4You, meanwhile, one must acknowledge that its rates are higher than those imposed by Exness.

For a complex picture, let us also discuss its non-trading commissions:

  •         deposit — 0%;
  •         withdrawal — 0% is charged by the broker itself, but the payment system used may impose its own fee (for example, in the case of card transfers, it reaches 2%);
  •         overnight rollover — comparable to other brokers (depends on the currencies and the position type);
  •         inactivity fee — $0.

As we’ve mentioned above, although RoboForex is known for its low rates, there are brokers that offer more beneficial terms. However, due to the rebates program introduced by RoboForex, you have an opportunity to receive monthly cashback from your general trade volume. The percentage varies based on the type of account. So, for Prime accounts, it reaches up to 15%, for ECN — up to 10%.

Furthermore, we have another useful tip for you — sign up for RoboForex via Traders Union and receive additional cashback on the spread and trading commission paid. No tricky demands — the only condition is to use their referral link for registration.

Why choose RoboForex Spread over other options?

RoboForex provides one of the top-notch trading accounts with multiple services, products, as well as facilities that enhance your trading experience. What makes RoboForex a better option over others is that it offers some of the most competitive tight spreads from 0 pips known for very fast order execution when compared to many other options. Be ready to Trade on Prime accounts under exceptional conditions. In addition to that, get the benefits of low spreads, increased leverage, as well as no minimum deposit!  Above all, RoboForex is a reliable broker regulated by European CySEC and is considered a low-risk trading environment.

Trading with a zero spread account also ensures ease with entry and exit of a trade without the need to worry about incurring trading costs. 

Final words

To sum up, we can safely mention this platform as one of the cheapest online brokers. Yet, to use its services on the most profitable terms, we insist you should take advantage of the rebates offered.


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