Running a Travel Business? Outsource Services now to get these benefits!

Travel and Tourism industry is perhaps one of the biggest businesses across the globe. It adds to a significant percentage of online business as it’s easy to transact online with the advancement in the internet and user-friendly software for travel bookings. It contributes significantly to the world economy and has contributed 4.7 trillion U.S. dollars in the year 2020 alone besides having a multiplier effect on generating jobs. However, the global pandemic of the Coronavirus has caused a significant change and damage to the travel industry. Here is what they are and how to deal with them by outsourcing the services for your business or leisure travel agency from India.

Impact Of Covid-19 to the Travel Industry

Post-covid, the travel industry has changed quite a lot. Customers have gained a lot more access to the internet nowadays and are looking for cheaper deals online. Although the importance of business travel need not be stressed, the competition in this industry has been ever-rising and some travel businesses are facing an issue with their businesses.

One of the other impacts on this industry post-COVID that businesses are aware of is that client expectations are constantly on the rise. To manage such high expectations from the clients, travel agencies have to employ more and more skilled manpower. With high payrolls of the required skill power, the cost of running a travel business has significantly increased.

To handle these issues, travel services are resorting to better approaches to make new plans of action which help them to minimize costs while further developing consumer loyalty. Travel Process Outsourcing Services is one of the solutions that assist organizations with further developing work proficiency, maintaining a good rate of customer satisfaction, retaining clients, and guaranteeing that the services will be delivered timely. Read on to know how outsourcing can help your business grow more and how you can outsource your services

How Outsourcing Services can help Travel Agencies?

Travel Outsourcing can prove to be very helpful to travel agencies. One of the best things about Outsourcing Travel Operations is that it permits travel services to remove their concentration from daily run-time assignments and move to the main aim and scope of work of the organization. This in turn helps businesses to focus more on creating revenue streams and open up new doors of opportunity. Besides, outsourcing additionally helps travel businesses to beat the ferocious and rising competition in the world. This is because it helps businesses to cut down on their operational costs.

What are the benefits of Outsourcing Services for your Travel Business?

Travel Industry Outsourcing services help travel businesses in many areas and is customized for each clientele. Here we have listed some of the services and how they benefit your business.

  1. Outsourcing Service for Operations and Reservations processes

Outsourcing above services would mean that your outsourcing partner agency will handle all your booking of tickets, cars, flights, hotels, trains, cruises, and buses for your clientele. For example, your client’s queries on airline rules regarding the cancellation, refunds, and date change in travel plans are all time consuming manual activities which your outsourcing partner can easily handle while your local team takes care of other revenue generating activities.

  1. Outsourcing Service partner takes up all the work of Data entries.

When outsourcing travel agency services, your partner on travel BPO will have a data entry team that will be strictly monitored and controlled for quality control. These are all labor-intensive activities and save you a lot on payroll costs. When hiring an agency for outsourcing make sure that their data entry team consists of transcribers, Excel entry-makers, typists, and coders in order to help you with all your needs

  1. The Outsourcing Service Provider will manage all new queries from potential clients and even make cold calls

Apart from managing the existing clients, your travel BPO partner can also make cold calls to potential clients or resolve any kinds of complaints. These are helpful in retaining existing clients and promoting the revenue stream as well as boosting customer satisfaction ratio.

  1. Outsourcing Service Providers will give access to better management of finances

One another benefit of outsourcing that is often neglected is that it allows the investigation of failed transactions, managing supplier email queries & complaints, and processing accounts payables and receivables. It allows you as a travel agency owner to get all these jobs easily, speedily without the interruption of the workflow and at a cheaper cost.

  1. The travel outsourcing service Partner will coordinate pre-sales or travel consultation.

As the travel industry is constantly evolving and expanding, you might have experienced a heavy growth in calls, emails, queries, cancellations requests, etc.  When outsourcing your travel agency services, you get help with these additional loads. In fact, you will have a dedicated and specialized team just to deal with these issues.

  1. The Outsourcing Service Provider can manage your Helpdesk

Last, but not least you also get a committed team of operators to manage your help desk. This will help you to get help with calls and queries via SMS, phone calls, emails, and more even at odd hours, and ensure that your customers get the best support. Given the time difference between countries, outsourcing to countries like India will also make it easier for you to run the help desk 24X7.

Travel Agencies are continuously becoming more and more aware of the benefits of outsourcing their operational needs to developing countries like India and are looking for outsourcing agencies in order to fulfill their needs.

Where To Outsource Your Business Needs?

For companies looking for a partner to outsource services to, India is a perfect country to evaluate as you get efficient and reliable services with English as the primary language for all business transactions. There are a lot of companies that provide services for outsourcing your travel business needs. However, it is important to choose the right outsourcing services which are effective as well as economical.



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