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Shared bedroom with your little one

Some parents share a room with their baby by choice (particularly those who choose to co-sleep) and some parents share a room by necessity (especially if they live in a small house). In the long run, you may want to move to a two bedroom home, but for now, you will remain where you are. You may be concerned or curious about what shacking up with your baby is like. If this concerns you, keep reading this article to learn how to share your bedroom with your little one.

Tips for sharing a room with your baby

  • Make a separate “Baby zone” – In the bedroom, you must establish a baby zone that is completely separate from your own. It is possible to create a mock nursery in a room by separating it with a room divider or curtain. If you do this you will help your baby establish the habit of sleeping in his/her room and you will also make the transition from your room to his/her room easier!
  • Ensure the baby is within your sight! – Having your baby in the same room allows you to tend to his or her needs as soon as they arise, and for that reason, it is important for you to be able to see the baby from your bed as well. You should not place your baby’s crib in a corner of the room where you are unable to see him/her. Instead, place it in a place where you can easily see him/her and assist if he/she needs any help.
  • Invest in a White-noise machine – Using a white noise device can help you to create a soothing sleeping environment for your baby by dimming other disturbing sounds such as dishes being washed, preparing baby formula, you getting ready for bed, and so on. White noise can also be produced by using other methods, such as fans.
  • Install proper lighting – If parents are sharing a room with a newborn and toddler, bright lights are not ideal. Blackout curtains and dim lighting should be placed in the sleeping area to keep it dark. If you can’t sleep in the darkness, consider putting on a night light or keeping the bathroom door slightly open with the light on.
  • Use rugs to absorb sound – Putting large floor rugs on the floor reduces noise while you tiptoe in and out.
    Any kind of thick fabric in the room will reduce disruptive sounds, including fabric wall hangings and heavy curtains. Also, any kind of
    baby food spilled on a carpet can be easily washed out. 

Final thoughts

Whether or not you’ll be comfortable sharing a bedroom with your baby depends on how good a sleeper they are and how good a sleeper you are. Sharing a room with a baby is just one aspect of the adjustment to having a baby in your family. Sleeping routines change when a baby is born and evolve (often not in a positive way). It’s best to have everything worked out before the baby comes, so you can enjoy your time together.


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