There will always be famous individuals you have heard of but don’t know. The name Sherry Dyson comes to mind as a well-known face few have met in person. The field of mathematics education has benefited from her knowledge and experience. She entered this world on a ship bound for Virginia, America. Her husband, Christopher Paul Gardner, is the reason she became famous.

These two sweethearts did, in fact, exchange wedding vows on June 18th, 1977. Chris Gardner, her spouse, is a well-known American investor, motivational speaker, stockbroker, and businessman. Together, they brought into this world a son, Christopher Jarrett Gardner Jr. After being married for nine years, they decided to split up in 1986. Christopher, her son, entered the world on January 28, 1981. The court upheld his petition and allowed him to continue living with his dad.

Once upon a time, Sherry Dyson was not as well known.

In 2006, Chris Gardner’s autobiography was released into a film, which catapulted to fame his then-wife, Sherry Dyson. The book’s working title is The Pursuit of Happiness, which is also the book’s subtitle.

Factors that led to Sherry Dyson’s separation

Since he chose to quit his medical job and start something new, Sherry and her husband’s relationship has been deteriorating. They didn’t share the same preferences, ideas, or worldviews, and this manifested itself in subtle but noticeable ways in their actions.

Chris Gardner cheated on his wife with Jackie Medina, a dentistry student. It didn’t take long for her to get pregnant with his kid; the two had been having an affair for just a few months at that point. He divorced Sherry after just three years of marriage so he could start a new life with Jackie and get ready to become a parent. After being apart for nine years, Sherry and Chris finally divorced in 1986.

After just three years of marriage, Chris left Sherry for his girlfriend, Jackie, and Sherry was left on her own. Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner decided to stop their relationship and divorce from one other formally in 1986, after being married for 9 years.

Chris Gardner, Sherry’s Husband: Some Quick Facts

The narrative of Chris Gardner’s accomplishment does not need to be introduced since it is already well known. But here are some intriguing details about his life’s trajectory.

On February 9, 1954, he was born.

Chris’s ex-wife Sherry was approximately five years older than he was.

His mother remarried twice when he was young, and his stepfather was abusive to both his mother and stepsisters. He also had to overcome other challenges throughout his formative years.

When he first entered adulthood, he wanted to enlist in the Navy out of admiration for his uncle who served in the US Navy. Later on, though, he became a respected motivational speaker and prosperous businessman.

The Role Sherry Dyson Played in Chris Gardner’s Life

Sherry Dyson influenced Chris Gardner’s life and achievements in many ways. Sherry Dyson was not only his romantic and lifelong companion but also his staunchest advocate, cheerleader, and role model. Chris Gardner once even mentioned that without Sherry, Chris Gardner wouldn’t exist. Sherry Dyson made Chris’s rise from homelessness to multi-millionaire status possible through her unwavering confidence in his skills, financial and emotional support, and astute business judgment.

Background and Early Years of Sherry Dyson

Sherry Dyson’s upbringing and family circumstances greatly influenced her morals and how she lived her life. She learned the value of empathy, kindness, and helping others as she was born to a social worker mother.

Sherry learned the importance of grit, resolve, and perseverance from her successful businesswoman grandmother. Sherry Dyson grew up in a supportive, nurturing environment with education and community involvement highly valued.

Sherry Dyson Family

Sherry grew up in a polite family. Sherry Dyson’s mother, a schoolteacher, inspired her with a strong sense of purpose. Sherry Dyson’s father was a funeral director. When she was young, Sherry Dyson went through a horrific tragedy and lost both of her parents in a horrible mishap that was brought on by a human error.

Education and Career Choices 

Sherry Dyson made decisions about her education and career based on various interests and skills. Sherry graduated with degrees in business and psychology from Howard University in Washington, D.C. She also pursued a study of fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

After graduation, Sherry Dyson worked for several fashion, beauty, and retail companies, including Estée Lauder, Bloomingdale’s, and The Limited. She then invested in starting her fashion line, “Sherry Dyson Designs.”

Sherry Dyson: The Perfect Mother and Wife

Sherry Dyson was not just a supportive wife but also a devoted mother. Chris followed his career goals, but Sherry Dyson cared for their kid, Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner. She never stopped investing her effort to balance her family and job.

Sherry Dyson was a devoted mother who prioritized her son’s needs but dealt with several difficulties, including juggling job and family obligations and ensuring her kid had the best education possible.

Chris and Sherry had a strong bond, and the foundation was built on love, trust, and respect. Their commitment to one another and their family was solid, and the pair worked nonstop to give their son a better life.

Net Worth

Sherry has a net worth of $700,000. Sherry’s ex-husband Chris, who formerly battled homelessness, is currently reported to have a net worth of $70 million. The Pursuit of Happiness, a biographical drama film based on the businessman Chris’s autobiography, was released in theatres and garnered significant media attention.


Sherry Dyson worked very hard day and night but became very ill. Sherry, at a point, experienced signs of physical depression. However, Sherry Dyson didn’t allow these issues to bother her and tried to maintain her smile. But there came a point when she had to struggle with crippling sickness in her later years. Sherry Dyson died on April 7, 2000, when she was 51.


Now you know a lot more about Sherry Dyson, including who she is, why she got divorced, and what her life was like.

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