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Shirt Styling Mistakes Every Man Does

When it comes to fashion, we all attempt to be as innovative as possible in our domains. However, there are times when we are unaware of what is out of style and what is new in the market. As a result, we end up with styles that are no longer fashionable. 

When it comes to men’s fashion, there are certain misconceptions that shirt styling is all about being feminine and that males have to be in the basic themes. This fallacy must be debunked, and to do so, we’ve devised solutions to the mistakes you might be unknowingly making in your shirt styling. The fashion world is vast, and we must ensure that we can style our gent’s shirt as properly as possible. So, let’s get this conversation started!

Fixing the Fashion Errors

  • Attempting to build a matching theme from head to toe: If you’ve been trying to develop a matching theme from head to toe, you may be rowing in the wrong boat. When it comes to matching your shirt to your bottoms and shoes, make sure you’re able to establish a balanced colour palette rather than adhering to one colour from head to toe since this can make you look like a fashion disaster. 

A minor shirt balance is required, such as selecting a white shirt and combining it with blue denim and brown or black sneakers. Instead of producing pomp and showing off the same colour from top to foot, you should focus on achieving equilibrium.

  • Wearing same-coloured blazers and tie:  If you’ve been enamoured with the concept of matching your formal outfit by wearing the same colour shirt, tie, and blazer, you’re attempting to create a fashion catastrophe. Today’s fashion is all about being daring and experimenting with different combinations. You don’t have to be monotonous all of the time by wearing the same colour shirts with every outfit. 

To fix this, the most fashionable alternative is to pair your shirt with different colour options like teaming up your black shirt with grey blazers and a rich coloured tie, which will make you appear balanced and create a head-turning look.

  • Overfolding the sleeves: Tuck-ins and folds are perfectly acceptable unless you force them to ruin your appearance and the shirt’s fabric quality. To make your gent’s shirt stand out the most, keep the folds on the sleeves to a bare minimum to avoid sweating. It shouldn’t just be about being basic and ignoring the fashion side. 

This may cause the fabric of your shirt to degrade and crumple, leaving you with crumbled sleeves that don’t match the rest of your shirt. So, if you want to avoid sweating or itching, just make a few folds that are sufficient for your comfort.

  • Not tucking dress shirts: If you’re going to a formal event or party and have chosen your dress shirt to complete the appearance with a suit but haven’t tucked it in, you’re probably making a big error. Tuck-ins are required, particularly when wearing a shirt with blazers or a suit. On the other hand, dress shirts have long tails and are supposed to be tucked into your pants. So, if you disregard this element, you can wind up wearing a shirt that isn’t the right size for you. 

To maintain a clean and understated appearance, always go for tuck-ins for dress shirts.

  • Wearing wrinkled shirts: No matter what you’re wearing, it’s sloppy. In particular, if we’re talking about shirts, the cloth must be completely straight with no crimps or wrinkles. If you go out with a wrinkled shirt and don’t pay attention to the small things, you might give off the wrong image. 

To solve this, make sure you’re wearing a wrinkle-free, properly pressed shirt that gives you a professional impression. Heat allows your garment to be completely clean, allowing you to head out with a nice appearance.

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