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Shopping for a New Baby

When a new baby is coming whether it is you or a friend or someone in the family, there is a lot of things the baby and the parents need. Sometimes parents need a lot more than they might realise. They think they have plenty of nappies and then discover they had no idea! Babies can never have enough Susukoshi onesies, for example, even when they are not yet on solids they spit up and have over full nappies which means several changes can happen in one day! Whether it is your baby or not, it is never too soon to start planning and to start buying! Before you know it that day when the baby is here will come!

Setting up the baby’s room

There is a lot to think about for the baby’s room but while a lot of it is nice to have not all of it is essential. They will need somewhere to sleep, and you will need safe bedding for that space. You will need somewhere to change them in that room, and then some supplies up there of nappies, wipes, teething rings, soft toys, blankets, a baby monitor and maybe a place for you to sit and rock them. Yes a place to put the nappies where they won’t stink is great, and there are a whole load of other great modern gadgets but you can build on what you need if budget is something of an issue.

Nappies and wipes!

The amount of nappies babies get through is astounding and it is easily one of the things you spend the most money on especially if you are not using reusable washable ones. It is estimated a newborn will need up to 300 a month! You will be glad you also invested in some Kiin baby hooded towels too, as some of those nappies are going to leak and that baby is going to need a bath big time!

Baby clothes

Another thing they get through a lot of and outgrow a lot is clothes! There is a lot to choose from to buy, most are labeled according to age rather than size so if you have a bigger baby you might find you need 3-month clothing for your newborn. If the baby is not yours go with something they will grow into or if it is here, ask the parents what size to get. Susukoshi does some great onesies, and they also have handy bibs and adorable headbands to accessorize with!


These are just some of the most common things people need to buy for a new baby. If you have had children before you might have some things you can re-use so often the second and on children cost a bit less! Other things you should add to your list too are a bathtub to bathe them in, a baby carrier or Kiin baby swaddles, a pushchair and a good car seat. You might want to get car seat covers as well for one of those messy times when something comes out of either or both ends!









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