Signs That Your Child May Benefit From a Math Tutor

Learning maths is part of every schooling curriculum here in Australia, and if your child isn’t keeping up or they’d like to expand their learning, it might be worth considering a maths tutor. Maths tutors can work with your child to find a learning style that suits them and help them reach their full potential. Here are some signs that your child may benefit from a maths tutor.

Your child is falling behind

The most common reason people seek a maths tutor for their child is if they are falling behind. Seeking out a tutor that is a qualified teacher and experienced in teaching maths to children of your child’s age is the best way to help your child achieve their learning goals. The tutor can work with them until they are learning at the same level as their peers or continue working with them to help them achieve even higher results. While you can try and help your child get back on track, hiring a professional can be less stressful and can ensure that your child is understanding the material that is being taught to them, if they don’t, a reputable maths teacher will try alternative methods of teaching until it clicks. They understand that not everyone learns the same, and good tutors will take a holistic approach to your child’s math tutoring sessions.

The classwork is too easy for your child

At the other end of the scale, some children find their classwork too easy. You may be thinking why would you consider a tutor then? Well, a maths tutor can help your child move past that level of learning and excel and master work required for older age groups. This can help to keep them stimulated and interested in their learning and expand their knowledge and thought processes. They can continue to build on this learning, and this can set them up for success as they get older.

They are taking longer to complete their homework than normal

A tell-tale sign that your child is not comprehending their maths homework is if they are taking much longer than they usually do to complete it. Some kids will tell you when they don’t understand whereas others will struggle in silence. If your child is the latter, it may be a sign that they need some assistance. When your child gets the help they need, this then has a flow-on effect and can help them complete homework, assessments, and exams with confidence.

Not wanting to do homework 

When your child finds their maths homework too challenging, they are unlikely to be eager to complete it. This can prove to be a constant battle. A math tutor can identify learning gaps in the maths work and come up with a comprehensive strategy to work through the areas they are finding hard. Once they have a grasp of core concepts, they should find their homework easier to get through independently.

Your child’s teacher has notified you of areas for improvement regarding maths

Your child’s teacher will likely be one of the first people to notice if your child isn’t meeting their goals or is falling behind when they otherwise were on par with the other kids in their year level. If they have reached out to you to let you know of areas that need attention with their maths and you don’t have the time nor capabilities to teach your child maths at their year level, hiring a maths tutor makes sense.

Benefits to hiring a maths tutor

Enlisting the help of a maths teacher is beneficial in many ways, including:

Builds up their self-esteem

It’s not uncommon for children that don’t understand their work to withdraw from classroom participation in fear of getting the answer wrong and the embarrassment that follows. A maths tutor can help your child regain lost confidence through tutoring and get them actively engaging in the classroom again.

They can work around your schedule

Most maths tutors are flexible and can work around your schedule. This allows your child to get help with their maths at a time that suits.

Personalised learning plans

No two children are alike, and their tutoring sessions can be personalised to suit their learning style. As the session is centred around them only and they have the tutors full undivided attention, this can help your child to reach their learning goals faster.

How to find the right maths tutor for your child?

Consider which tutoring method is best

Nowadays, there are many options available for tutoring, including online, in-person and group sessions. It’s a good idea to research the different options to help you find the right fit for your child.

Get recommendations from people you trust

If you have a trusted friend, teacher or family member that can offer a good recommendation, this is a great way to know that the person you’re hiring is fit for the job.

Read customer reviews

When conducting your research, reading the maths tutors reviews is a good way to see who is good at what they do and who isn’t.

Looking for a maths tutor that takes a holistic approach to learning?

Recognising that your child could benefit from a maths tutor is the first step. Here at Stress Less Tutoring, we provide high school and primary school tutoring for children of all age levels and learning abilities. Contact our friendly team today for more information.


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