Sister is a mirror, shining back at you with a world of possibilities

It is easier to find friends at home because they are always there-mother father sisters and brothers at your own doorsteps I remember the cousin brother who dies prematurely. It is sometimes hard to appreciate just what good friends your family can be to you. We either take them for granted or we are so busy resenting their interference with our hopes and schemes that we forget it is possible that they may be right, and we may be wrong. Your family is the last to desert you in times of real trouble and then surely is one of the first tests of friendship.

All families have some common interest even if it is only sharing the same meal table. Many families enjoy the ideal link of affection and mutual respect. A few unfortunately interpret the idea of a family tie as a family bond. Such families stick together through a sense of duty rather than through love and duty is a good adhesive.

Usually, there are families on both sides but the beginning of lack of communication in a family often go back right into early childhood. When we are small, we tell our parents everything. We usually tell our mothers because they are there most of the time. As we grow up we confide less and less because we are trying to become independent. Sisters become our secret holders. But we must not forget the good common sense of seeking advice and consultation.

The great Indian sage Kapil has been the originator of Sankhya philosophy. Perhaps, this is the oldest of the major systems of Indian philosophy. This philosophy assumes two major ultimate, spirit ( purush) and matter ( i.e. Prakriti).  Both spirit and matter are external and uncaused. Prakriti possesses the three qualities Satva, Rajas, and Tamas in equipoise. The maladjustment in one’s life starts when this equipoise is disturbed. Then man suffers from various types of disorders depending upon the particular quality ( Satva, Rajas, and Tamas) which is predominant in a person at a particular time. According to Kapil one should try to acquire an equipoise between these three basic qualities through real knowledge which can be obtained through penance or constant and consistent practice (Sadhana) So acquisition of equipoise between the three basic qualities ( Gunas ) is the best way to psychotherapy.

No matter how difficult the times you have spent with your family your love has gotten you through. Love trust tolerance and tenacity are the qualities we have seen in you. Wedding anniversary wishes for sister. Congratulations to you for completing another year of love, care, laughter, and happiness.  Sending you heaps of good wishes on your anniversary. May you prosper over time. May God bless you with many more years of blissful married life.

With the father’s death unfortunately family communication sometimes breaks down and conversation becomes trivial and superficial. Often there are long uncomfortable silences because the family members sheer away from discussing important things. Cheers for being there and enjoying the day to the fullest.


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