Six Features of Amazing Modern Canvas Wall Arts

A good piece of art can completely transform a room with its peculiar style and vibrant colors. Including wall art in your home is also another way to show off your decorating style. The great wall art of canvas is the concept of empty walls in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. 

There are a variety of themes that accompany canvas wall art, thereby giving it an aesthetic look. In this piece, you will discover six features of outstanding modern canvas wall arts.

  1. Color

 The properties of color include hue, value, and intensity. In addition to these, there are primary colors (Red, Blue, and Yellow) and secondary colors (Orange, Green, and Purple). Study the color wheel to see how these colors interact with one another (complementary are opposite of each other, analogous sit next to each other.

Knowing the blend of colors will make your canvas wall art come out excellently well. In addition, color makes your work appear undoubtedly attractive.

  1. Balance 

Balance is the wall art’s composition and how you use your space of the canvas. One element is knowing how to layout your paper correctly. This feature also includes understanding whether you want the piece to be show symmetry or not.

  1. Value and Contrast

Value (or tone) signifies the lightness or darkness of a shape with another. The value scale is limited on one end by pure white and the other by black, and it is in between a series of progressively darker shades of grey, which gives an artist the tools to create astonishing artworks.

Value plays a vital role in highlighting and shading. On the other hand, contrast is the relationship between light values and dark values. Therefore, for an artwork to have a sense of lighting and depth, there must be value.

  1. Space

Space is the empty area between objects. Vacant space is said to be negative space. With 3D art, space refers to perspective. Perspective provides the delusion of depth and distance. Foreground and background are elements of view and space. In general, space and perspective refer to the overall art piece’s layout.

  1. Texture

What the surface looks like in a canvas wall art, how rough or smooth the drawing looks. Rarely does an art piece feel like the texture? All wall arts have their unique texture depending on the theme and atmosphere in which it is used. 

The texture of your wall arts adds visual weight to your home decor, and they are either rough, smooth, soft, hard, woolly, and so on.

  1. Unity and Variety 

Unity and variety are made using the majority of the elements. Unity and variety refer to how all the components of the piece work together. This work is done by repeating lines, shapes, etc. (relating to pattern), form, simplicity, harmony, etc.

These formal qualities will expose you to how everything works together in the end and creates an emotion or message within an artwork. Knowing these formal qualities also shows that there is more than when it comes to art.

So, what is that piece of canvas wall art you intend to create or purchase? Ensure that all these features are there to give you the perfect decor you desire. Feel free to check out some of the best modern canvas wall art ideas with impressive features and quality. 


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